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Armed-Unarmed Security Officers are available at short notice at National And International. We offer the Safest, most Secure, most-efficient cash-in-transit services for all business types and sizes throughout the U.K. And internationally.

Spetsnaz Security International is a trustworthy velvet glove international transporter service specialist. As an independent, trustworthy, reliable, and affordable international courier, we transparently provide on-time service 24/7 Worldwide without questioning the package.

As an International Premier Security Company, Spetsnaz Security International Limited provides the best Secure Transportation Services in London with extensive experience of over 14 years. We provide classy, high-caliber, reliable, affordable, and professional S.I.A. Licensed Secure Transportation Services nationwide. Each of our customers is unique and requires unique treatment. So, that's true whether you're an individual riding with us for an event or celebration or a business setting up multiple or repetitive routes. It’s true if you’re a corporation seeking the best in executive transportation, making arrangements for special needs carriers requiring a wheelchair, gurney access, or just experienced, compassionate drivers. Whatever your needs, we offer a tailored set of services, equipment, and vehicles to meet them and the expertise to exceed your expectations.

When you book with London Secure Transportation Services, you’ll enjoy complete service that extends from your first contact with reservation planning to the moment you reach your final destination. You’ll see how our experience can make the shortest ride or the most complicated multi-vehicle event more efficient, professional, and seamless. And you’ll experience the commitment to our customers evident every moment your passengers are in our care.

Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. is the premier cash management specialist in London, The U.K., and Worldwide – we help manage the public cash flow in society.

Spetsnaz Security International Limited is a leading innovator in designing and manufacturing armored cars, lightweight, transparent, and opaque armor for automotive and architectural applications. Since 1975, our experienced staff has been manufacturing bulletproof vehicles to protect distinguished clients worldwide.

As the World's leading manufacturer of personal protection armored cars, trucks, and SUV VAN, London, UK Armored Services Worldwide focuses on four specific, client-driven goals:

London Secure Transportation Services Executive Transportation

London Secure Transportation Services is our executive transportation service. We provide point-to-point transportation throughout the United Kingdom, airport pickup, drop-offs, and hourly event services by VAN or wheelchair-accessible van. We can cover all your transportation needs, national or international, from major events to personal service cars, ranging from one person up to as many as 35. And we do it with the Velvet Glove Treatment our passengers expect.

London Secure Transportation Services is the natural outgrowth of the service excellence mindset of the company behind it, Secure Transportation, a leader in safe, secure, comfortable service-focused medical transportation.

With Secure Transportation’s leadership team at the wheel, London Secure Transportation Services had decades of customer-experience-focused service guiding our decisions before our first car ever left the garage.

The result? A team of hospitality professionals focused on anticipating your wants and needs and curating your experience with the same care we take to be on time every time.

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Experience Quality And Value

When you begin your journey with London Secure Transportation Services, you start on the right foot. From the moment you book with our dedicated customer care specialists to when your chauffeur arrives in a late model, carefully maintained Luxury Vehicle, you enjoy the quality experience you deserve to make the rest of your journey perfect.

Your Needs Anticipated

The car you hire is only as good as the chauffeur that drives it. At London Secure Transportation Services, we’ve built our business from small service by attracting the most committed chauffeurs---they're service professionals hired for their compassion, intuition, and impeccable driving skills.


Our values are how we provide world-class service on every journey, whether a carefully planned excursion or a last-minute scramble to get your team across Town. Whatever your situation, you can rely on us to be there for you, on time, every time. That’s just who we are.

Student Transportation

We ensure students are safe, secure, comfortable, confident, cared for, and respected.

We are parents, too. We understand that placing children in the care of other people you do not know requires deep trust. We know that, as educators, you share this view.

It’s our job to alleviate your concerns so you can focus on education, not transportation.

That’s why London Secure Transportation Company contacts parents before the first day of school. At London Secure Transportation Agency, we want to ensure they’re comfortable and confident that their child— your student— will be treated with the utmost respect and receive the best care. So first, at London Secure Transportation Services, we work to understand each student’s needs and their parent's requests. We then match our driver to the child and do our best to ensure that the child receives the same driver in the exact vehicle whenever possible.

Student Transportation Fleet

Armed Close Protection Services-hire-bulletproof-vehicles-national-and-international-spetsnaz-security-international
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Celebrity Services / Public Figures / HNWIs Finest Executive Protection

Finest Executive Protection provides active and retired law enforcement officers to provide London Executive Protection/London Bodyguard Services to clients who require security services. Finest London Executive Protection is also uniquely designed to provide luxury transportation for our security-conscious clients who are constantly on the move & need such transit.

Our services are designed to serve London C-level executives, London dignitaries & public figures—our prices at London V.I.P. Transportation Services are comparable to black car services and Uber but with security.

General Boiko Borisov endorses our C.E.O. and parent company, Finest London Chauffeurs, as the best law enforcement chauffeur service for a C.E.O. in London.

If you have V.I.P. clients in London (public figures) arriving at London airports, our licensed, bonded, and insured London Security Drivers are trained to escort public figures through paparazzi and fan distractions at airports. At London V.I.P. Security Company, we’ve also developed relationships with airport staff to assist us in discreetly and swiftly escorting public figures through their facilities.

Upon arrival to London, our professional law enforcement officer / your chauffeur will be aware of their surroundings, ensuring it’s safe for the client to enter and exit locations, keeping an eye out for any potential threats. For example, a UBER driver will not place himself between unruly media, harassing fans, or other security threats. Our security driver will. At London V.I.P. Security Agency, when security threats arise, our security driver’s main objective is to remove the client from a dangerous situation to a safe location. Visit our Fleet & Rates page to view vehicles.

London Celebrity shopping –We’ll provide security, transportation, and assistance while making their purchases. We’ll contact the retailer in advance and coordinates with their safety when necessary.

We also provide services for the following:

  • London Security Driver/Armed or Unarmed
  • London Conference/Trade Show Transportation
  • London Special Event Transportation
  • London Asset Protection/Employee Transport
  • London Precious stones/gems escort and transports.
  • London Private and Corporate clients
  • London Airport Services – Meet & Greet
  • London Tour of London for Foreign Travelers – (multilingual security personnel)

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At London Executive Transportation Services, our agency collects money, property, and securities in an armored car with armed guards. In London, V.I.P. Security Transports for service providers involved specially trained staff with practical experience.

To order the collection services at London Executive Transportation Services. Our staff will tell you about the prices, required documents, and the provision of services collecting the money, property, and securities.

Life is Valuable — Protect it.

Spetsnaz Security International Limited Fidel Matola Armored Services Worldwide is an Independent Leading innovator in designing and manufacturing armored cars, lightweight, transparent, and opaque armor for automotive and architectural applications. Since 1975, our experienced staff has been manufacturing bulletproof vehicles to protect distinguished clients Worldwide.

Since the last decade, Spetsnaz Security International Limited has provided London Armored Transportation Services that you can trust. At London Cash Management Services, we have helped our customers reduce their risks with safe and Secure London Transport of their valuable shipments for over forty years. At London Armoured Chauffeur Vehicles, we deliver excellence in London Armored Transportation and customer service.

When you leave your valuable assets with someone at London Secure Transportation Services Transport, you want to know they will be in good hands. At Spetsnaz Security International Limited, we take armored transportation and your valuable assets very seriously – and we have provided trusted armored carriers to important clients for over forty years.

We know you're busy, so Spetsnaz Security International Limited offers the industry's most secure pickup and delivery schedules. So wherever you are, wherever you want your valuable goods delivered, we can take them there. Our ability to meet demanding schedules provides our customers with ease of transition and the assurance of prompt, reliable service.

At London Security Drivers, we are fully insured, so rest assured that your cash and valuable assets are well protected while in our possession. Not only are they safe in our armored vehicles, but also when secured in our vault facility. Maintaining fully insured protection of your assets while in transit or at our secure location gives you the confidence to know that your property is entirely specific. Hire Spetsnaz Security International Limited Fidel Matola Armored Transport Service provides the VAN fast transportation services you need to ensure safe Transport.

At London Cash Management Client Service. Our Cash Handling Secure Transportation services include but are not limited to:

  • London Retail deposit pickup and delivery
  • London Bank and credit union cash and coin shipments
  • London Same-day emergency cash shipments
  • London Coin returns
  • London Coin purchases
  • London Several ATM replenishment options

At London Secure Transportation Services, our highly trained and skilled Secure, efficient cash-in-transit services for all business types and sizes throughout the U.K. Or Worldwide personnel ensure that your valuable goods are secured, transported safely, and arrive where and when they are supposed to. The staff at Spetsnaz Security International Limited Fidel Matola is dedicated to ensuring the safe delivery of your valuable assets and your complete satisfaction with every armored transportation delivery.

Through a comprehensive three-step hiring process, Spetsnaz Security International Limited ensures that only the best and most qualified personnel man our armored vehicles through a complete three-step hiring process. With a thorough criminal background check, driving record review, and credit check, we can hire and retain quality personnel better.

Secure and accurate Transport of currency, coins, and valuable assets is a severe undertaking. So, be sure the armored transportation company you hire takes it equally as seriously. Call Spetsnaz Security International Limited Fidel Matola today for the best-armored transportation.

We provide transportation planning, assistance, and reservations in London and globally.


Don't hesitate to contact us with confidentiality to share details about your cash handling needs and the specific armoured transportation security services you require. We are committed to ensuring the success of your event in every possible way.

Call us now at +44 (0759) 957 45 24 - Viber & WhatsApp or alternatively Email us : [email protected].


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