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Spetsnaz Security International ensures that staff at all levels, the management or non-managerial, is competent based on appropriate education, knowledge, skills, and experience.

Spetsnaz Security International has a documented recruitment policy for a defined and consistent approach for all appointments. We conduct a particular recruitment process to provide an honest and transparent selection of competent staff in all positions.

Spetsnaz Security International screens all job applicants for its security subdivision following the requirements of the BS7858 standard.

1. To register with us for our potential work, all the successful candidates must undergo strict security screening and vetting./ Close Protection Officers. VALID SIA LEVEL 3 CLOSE PROTECTION LICENSE IS MANDATORY, AND A VALID PASSPORT AND DRIVING LICENSE MUST HAVE AN EXPIRY DATE NOT LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.

2.2. The candidates must qualify in the following criteria to consider for the post: Candidate physical features:

i. Minimum of 1,80m in height.

ii. Body mass index (B.M.I.) must be healthy 18.5 – 24.9, with a weight of +-90kg.

iii. Candidates' body tattoos must be coverable by a suit.

iv. The candidate's hair (and beard) cut should be as such to be blended in a formal business environment.

v. v. The candidate's age is not over 40, has perfect health, and has no underlying medical conditions, illnesses, and contagious diseases upon application.

Candidates Beneficial Career Skills:

i. Preferably single men.

ii. Prior close protection/guarding experience.

iii. Training and experience in protocol and diplomacy.

iv. Second and third language ability.

v. Tazer training.

vi. Pepper spray training.

vii. Telescopic baton training.

Candidates Essential Required Career Skills:

i. Grade 12 or an international equivalent.

ii. Prior military and or police service.

iii. Competence in English must be at least on Level 3 – B2 – F.C.E. – 5.0 –500/173/61

iv. The candidate must have excellent unarmed combat and defense skills.

v. The candidate must have a martial arts / M.M.A. / boxing background, at least on an amateur level. Competency must be proven and provided during the interview.

vi. First-person on Scene (FPOS) or an equivalent first responder medical in date qualification.

vii. Light vehicle manual and automatic driver's license.

viii. Required bouncer traits:

(1) Refined crowd management skills and problem-solving abilities are essential.

(2) Observational and conflict management skills.

(3) Capacity to be stern, as required.

(4) Excellent verbal communication abilities.

(5) Physically agile with impeccable reflexes.

Work Conditions:

a. The candidate will work between 8- and 12-hour shifts depending on the venue and specific client requirements.

b. Work can be during the day or the night due to functions and social gatherings.

c. Candidates must work armed, with a pistol, or unarmed, requiring the mentioned unarmed fighting proficiencies.

d. Tasks will be the following but not necessarily restricted to the following functions:

i.Access control at a perimeter gate.

ii. Access control at an entrance and exit door.

iii. Inside venue control.

iv. Escorting V.I.P. clients in a venue.

v. Protecting V.I.P. clients in venues.


a. Salary: This will depend on the individual skill level and competencies.

b. Shared accommodation and sustenance.

c. We will provide Transportation to and from your accommodation to your work location.

d. Medical coverage in the country.

e. country gratuity according to MOHRE guidelines.

f. Thirty days of leave per year. Will pay basic salary for the 30 days on annual vacation.

g. Air ticket every two years to your home country for annual leave.

h. A uniform, a suit, will be provided for work.

i. Cell phone for work-related communications.

Take note:

a. Drug tests will conduct upon your arrival in the country.

b. A full medical test we will help conduct upon entry into the country. Your application will be rejected at the candidate's cost if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, sicknesses (medical and S.T.D.s), or illnesses.

6. Should you feel that you can fulfill the requirements, please email us at spetsnazsecurityinternational@protonmail.comthe following information (please flat scan all documents in color without any shadows and or fingers in the picture):

a. Your complete CV with attested certificates of all courses and qualifications.

b. Details of your weapons training history.

c. Full history of your unarmed combat fighting experience and qualifications.

d. No criminal record Police Certificate.

e. Electronic passport photo.

f. Passport copy.

g. Current dated full body photo in neat civilians.

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