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Trustworthy Private Detective: | Private Investigator | Hire Private Detective in London, the UK or Worldwide


Private Investigator London

Spetsnaz Security International offers trusted, reliable, and highly efficient Private Investigators in London, The U.K., Or Worldwide. We are a team of British Private Investigators with one mission: to provide you with answers and the evidence you need to make informed decisions. We uncover facts and professionally gather information to help you defend your rights.

Our office is in London, but our team of professional Investigators conducts surveillance, undercover work, and all types of investigation across British territory and internationally.

At London Private Detectives, we are dedicated to discovering the truth, clearing doubts, and finding solutions to your problems. We strive to meet your expectations and find the answers to help you move on. So whether you want to locate a long-lost loved one, run a background check on a future employee, tail your spouse on vacation in London, or uncover someone's hidden assets, we will take the time to understand your case and build a strategy together.

Welcome to the premier site for finding a Multilingual speaking detective in London. The origin of this activity is, etymologically, Greco-Roman, and the word "detective" comes from the Latin words "detected," "degree," and "detectus," which mean "discoverer," "to discover," "discovered," recalling that the Egyptians and Phoenicians had their detectives. London Private Investigators carry out professional investigations for a variety of clients. They work with solicitors, insurance companies, local authorities, private companies, and individuals. The Police and Government Agencies also employ them.

Private Investigator UK

We provide London-based private detective and investigation services and surveillance-counter-surveillance services for any sector in the business.

The work is varied and could involve surveillance, fraud investigation, missing person's inquiries, investigating insurance claims, commercial piracy, benefit fraud, data forensics, due diligence, skip tracing, and process serving. Investigators ask questions, analyze information, and carry out background research. They also use computers to process detailed reports. Many London Private Investigators are self-employed or freelance, so they must maintain their accounts. Despite a glamorous image, the work of a Private Investigator can be unexciting and financially unrewarding, but that, of course, depends on the Investigator.

Trustworthy Private Detective: | Private Investigator | Hire Private Detective in London, the UK or Worldwide-Private Investigator London | Private Detective Services UK-UK Private Investigator and Detectives agency | Surveillance-Counter Surveillance-Private Investigator london jobs-online Private Investigator uk

London Private Detective, London Private Eye, London Private Enquiry Agent, London Professional Investigator, London Private Investigator, London PI, or whatever else you wish to call them - if you are looking for an English - British Professional Legal Service in England, including Avocat - Lawyer - Solicitor - Private Investigator - Court Translator - Asset Tracer - People Finder then look no further:-

UK Mobile number: 0759 957 4524 (Viber & WhatsApp).

Whatever you call it is likely one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you. Not knowing if your spouse is cheating on you is equally sad. Even the prospect of a loved one being unfaithful is painful and highly disruptive. As a London UK Private Investigator, we see this daily and understand your pain and fear.

Please understand that you are not alone. We have been fortunate to help many people in similar situations throughout London City get the information they needed to move out of this anxiety and move forward with their lives. Unfortunately, once someone in London, UK, seriously suspects infidelity, more often than not, their suspicions are correct. This pain and fear are genuine, and each London UK Private Investigator at London Detective Agency takes your pain seriously.

Whether you are in London, the UK, Asia, Africa, South And North America, Australia, Europe, Iceland, or Around The World, you may find it helpful to review some common Signs of Infidelity developed by a London Private Investigator to help you get a better perspective on your situation and see if an investigation is suitable for your circumstances. At London Detective Company, we realize that hiring a London UK Private Investigator and discussing a possible affair with your loved one is difficult. However, with that in mind, you have our every assurance that we are committed to using the utmost discretion and good taste in providing you with London Investigative services that will give you peace of mind to move forward with your life while maintaining your dignity.

At London Private Investigators, you can talk to us openly and confidently. We do not judge you or blame you. You did not create your situation; you should not feel uncomfortable getting professional help to get the truth you deserve. London Investigating Cheating & Marital Infidelity is one of the essential services private detectives render.

A London UK Private Investigator must handle infidelity issues experienced in London Surveillance and information gathering; they must also be well-versed in London UK family law to succeed. At London Spy Agency, our Domestic Services division of London Private Investigators is among the nation's best at handling domestic matters like London Spousal Surveillance and getting results that matter.

At London Private Detective Agency, from our administrative staff to our nationwide team of local field investigators, we represent the best in the industry at getting discreet results at affordable prices, anywhere! In addition, unlike many investigative agencies, we have a large, ethnic, and gender-diverse team of Investigators at our disposal, ensuring that we have the correct type of Investigator for your case.

At London PI, we operate successfully in any socio-economic environment, regardless of where our subject goes. Combined with our City-of-the-art technology, extensive investigative resources, and regular training, make us the premier investigative agency no matter where you are. Unfortunately, it is not something that every investigative agency in London, UK, Private detective can claim. Let's face it, London City is the world's most diverse, modern, and complicated city. We have everything here, including every type of inappropriate behavior.

The nightlife, the fast pace, the massive number of people, and the overall lifestyle allow a cheating spouse all the opportunity to stray and think that it is acceptable and discreet.

Regardless of whether you need to know the truth to go forward with your life or if you need proof of cheating & infidelity to win in court, London UK Private Detective and Crime Investigation Services are the London Private Investigator for you. We get your video proof of where they go, whom they see, and what they do. We provide video evidence to remove any doubt about what they were doing on a VHS tape, CD ROM, or DVD. We take videos during the day, the night, indoors, or outdoors. At London Private Investigators, we leave nothing to chance!

If you think that spousal surveillance can help you, we recommend reading a quick Overview of Spousal Surveillance.

Like most Private Investigators, we charge our clients hourly for surveillance, with mileage and other investigative procedures added. Our rates vary depending on which specific region of London. We design each administration to give you the best possible results presenting what we collectives know about your spouse's activities.

We may sometimes need two or more Investigators to remain invisible. Sometimes we use cars or go on foot. Each case is different, and we will always work with you to develop a plan that we both agree to that makes sense. We do this sincerely to give you the best opportunity to know the truth and minimize your cost.

London UK Private Detective and Crime Investigation Services can watch your spouse, monitor who they are with, where they go, and what they do, discreetly and confidentially.

At London Private Investigators, we can do this through surveillance, obtaining telephone records, and providing you with software to monitor e-mail, chat room discussions, and internet activity. We will discuss these options during our initial consultation and help you find the right tools for the job.

Although spousal surveillance is one of the most frequently used tools for uncovering infidelity in London, UK, each set of circumstances can call for different measures. Some other more commonly requested services we provide when investigating affairs that can do in conjunction with infidelity or spousal surveillance investigation are as follows:

  • London Monitoring the Cheater's E-mail, Chat Room Discussions, and Internet Activity
  • London Tracking the cheater's vehicle
  • London Asset Searches in London, UK, and Beyond
  • London Electronic Eavesdropping Detection
  • London E-Mail Tracing
  • London Identification of the “Other Person” in London, UK, or elsewhere
  • London UK Child Custody & Support Investigations

Because each case is unique, we recommend you call us and speak to a London UK Private Detective and Crime Investigation Services about your situation to assess better which type of investigation would work best for you. The call is toll-free, and the consultation is strictly confidential. So get the peace of mind you deserve and the ability to move forward. Call today.

For more information on spousal infidelity and infidelity investigations, you will find it helpful to review our Spousal Surveillance Frequently Asked Questions page.

What Can U.K. Private Investigators Legally Do To Trace You?

Trustworthy Private Detective: | Private Investigator | Hire Private Detective in London, the UK or Worldwide
Part of a Private Investigators job often involves tracking an individual or group of individual's whereabouts through covert operations. They may monitor their comings and goings, keep watch on their house or place of work, and even record phone conversations and check the mail. Furthermore, London Private Investigators could use sophisticated technology or subversive means to try and locate an individual whose whereabouts are unknown or who has gone off-grid.

However, many people do not know about Private Investigators because they have legal obligations and are prohibited from using specific methods to track individuals. The below information provides insight into this subject.

What Tracking Can Private Investigators Use In The U.K.?

As mentioned above, Private Investigators and detectives can utilize various methods to track an individual's whereabouts. Some of these methods are listed below:

– G.P.S. (Global Positioning System, an accurate worldwide navigational and surveying facility based on the receiving signals from an array of orbiting satellites.) Tracking: This involves a G.P.S. (Global Positioning System, an accurate worldwide navigational and surveying facility based on the reception of signals from an array of orbiting satellites.) device tagged to a vehicle or person, which then sends data back to a G.P.S. (Global Positioning System, an accurate worldwide navigational and surveying facility based on the reception of signals from an array of orbiting satellites.) server about their movements and physical location.

– Word of mouth: This is the most basic and often effective method; simply speaking to relatives, friends, and co-workers. People often divulge information unwittingly to a skilled Private Investigator. It can be a fantastic help in tracking someone down and monitoring their behavior.

– Private databases: London P.Detectives and I have access to the city-of-the-art databases that provide up-to-date information about people's whereabouts – tangible information they can use to track someone down. This type of service is not readily available to the public as it is either too costly or under certain restrictions to its access.

Skills and techniques like the above are tricks of the trade developed during an Investigator's career. Private detectives will use whatever legal means necessary to track an individual's whereabouts, and they usually have many tools at their disposal to achieve their ends, leading to a high success rate.

Need to find someone in the U.K.? Click below…

What Legal Acts and Bills Govern Private Investigation?

The U.K. government has passed numerous acts and bills that regulate private investigation. Several of these acts curtail the powers of Investigators and prohibit them from using specific tracking methods. In recent history, the most notable of these is the Regulation in Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and the more recent Investigatory Powers Act 2016, nicknamed the Snoopers' Charter.

Regulation in Investigatory Powers Act 2000

This act passed in parliament in July 2000 aims to regulate the powers of public bodies to carry out surveillance and communications interception. The bill detailed various capacities public agencies and organizations could use in national security cases, such as wiretaps, reading the post, and covert human intelligence.

Investigatory Powers Act 2016

This act passed in 2016 gave new powers to investigation agencies, such as allowing them access to internet records and Internet Server Provider (I.S.P.) documentation. Furthermore, this act created a criminal offense for illegally accessing internet data. Moreover, this act requires C.S.P.s (communication service providers) to cooperate with investigations and provide requested data.

Do Private Investigators in The U.K. Need A License?

As you can see, Investigators must follow procedures, and the government regulates their actions. Investigators must also acquire a license to operate legally and track an individual's whereabouts. The government-operated S.I.A. Security Industry Authority) )

Investigators are not above the law and must have a license and follow regulations when tracking an individual's whereabouts.

Writer’s Bio: Writer's Bio: Mr. Fidel Matola is the marketing and business development manager at Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. and Managing Director a . Need professional help with digital marketing? You can connect with Fidel Matola directly on LinkedIn.


Trustworthy Private Detective: | Private Investigator | Hire Private Detective in London, the UK or Worldwide-Private Investigator London | Private Detective Services UK-UK Private Investigator and Detectives agency | Surveillance-Counter Surveillance-Private Investigator london jobs-online Private Investigator uk

Private Investigator London UK, Worldwide specializes in surveillance, missing persons, lie detection, cheating spouses, and more. Call (0044) 759-9574524

to get more information. Our Private Investigators are trained professionals who can get you the answers you deserve.


Reliable Private Investigator-Reliable Private Investigator | Private Detective Services UK-UK Reliable Private Investigator and Detectives agency | Surveillance-Counter Surveillance-Reliable Private Investigator jobs-online Reliable Private Investigator uk


Spetsnaz Security International's private investigation services are affordable and reliable. In addition, we are providing highly discreet operations.

  • London Fraud Investigations
  • London Asset Searches
  • London Background Screening
  • London Business Fraud Investigations
  • London Undercover Workplace Employee Investigations
  • London Adultery
  • London Child Custody
  • London G.P.S. (Global Positioning System, an accurate worldwide navigational and surveying facility based on receiving signals from an array of orbiting satellites.) Tracking
  • London Extramarital Affairs or Infidelity
  • London Surveillance
  • London Mystery Shopper Investigations
  • London Due Diligence Investigations
  • London Computer or Cell Phone Forensic Recovery Services
  • London Skip Traces
  • London Missing Persons Investigations
  • London Interview and Interrogations Services
  • London Juvenile Association Investigations

How much does hiring a London Private Investigator cost? | How much does a London Private Detective earn? | Do I need a Licence to be a Private Investigator in the U.K.? |

If you are looking for London Investigative Services, one of the burning questions is, "How much are Private Investigator fees?" Unfortunately, the answer is not simple.

In general, London Private Investigators typically charge fees hourly. While some firms may offer flat-fee packages for a background check or surveillance matter, for the most part, every case is different, and it's difficult to put a standard flat fee on anything.

Like any other line of business, the hourly rate differs based on various factors. Below, we have outlined some essential factors that determine Private Investigator fees.


Like any professional service firm, the rates of different investigative firms will vary depending on the complexity of the matter.

A Private Investigator retained for a complex legal matter with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake will cost you more than finding an address for a long-lost friend.


Are you trying to find out if an individual has a criminal record, or is there something in a person's past that could potentially discredit that person?

Logically speaking, you may have to dig deep if you seek information to discredit someone. But, unfortunately, the deeper you want to go, the more expensive it will get.


Rates vary depending on a specific area of expertise and the jurisdiction in which the case is being worked.

For example, a surveillance Investigator in "Anywhere, U.K." may charge half the rate of a metro London-based surveillance Investigator conducting precisely the same investigation but charging upwards of £150 per hour for each Investigator.


Investigators trained to conduct a complex asset investigation will demand higher fees than Investigators who conduct surveillance.

The most prominent London investigative firms charge more than £500 per hour.


Rates for London UK Private Investigators vary widely, from less than £75 per hour to more than £500 per hour.

The adage "You get what you pay for" applies to the investigative business, just as it does to almost anything else.

Ultimately, Private Investigators are hired to find information to help you make more informed decisions and be comfortable with the information you are getting and the people you are dealing with, regardless of what fees they charge you.

[ Want to find out more about our fees?]


Top-Expert Emergency Private Investigations And Detective Services National And International

Security Guards National & International

Trustworthy Private Detective: | Private Investigator | Hire Private Detective in London, the UK or Worldwide-Private Investigator London | Private Detective Services UK-UK Private Investigator and Detectives agency | Surveillance-Counter Surveillance-Private Investigator london jobs-online Private Investigator uk

Our team is now over 800+ London Private Investigators operating nationally and internationally; we provide affordable investigation services for all domestic and commercial.

Why hire our Proactive private detectives?

Our Private Investigators aren't just for catching out cheating partners or catching out fraudsters. As Private Investigators, we can assist in many ways, whether at home or in the workplace.

  1. A client has met someone online – but are they who they say they are? You can conduct background checks and put your mind at rest before continuing the relationship.
  2. A client suspects their partner is cheating but can't prove it.
  3. A Private Investigator will uncover the truth and put their mind at rest.
  4. A person has lent someone money – they've disappeared. A Private Investigator can help track them down and serve legal notices if required.
  5. Someone needs expert surveillance to ensure they know the movements of a particular person. Perhaps they suspect their teenage children are involved with drugs or lying about whom they are meeting – the assistance of a specially trained Private Investigator can help keep them safe.
  6. A client needs to trace a long-lost relative or friend – A Private Investigator has the skills to track someone down.
  7. A company's employees are off work with a long-term illness but doubt they are genuinely ill.
  8. They suspect their office or Board Room has been bugged.
  9. A solicitor needs a process server to personally serve some legal documents on behalf of one of their clients or to gather evidence in a defense case.
  10. A GPS (Global Positioning System, an accurate worldwide navigational and surveying facility based on the reception of signals from an array of orbiting satellites.) tracker could be needed to track a vehicle in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world.
  11. A client needs to know if a particular person is a company director and, if so, with how many different companies. Is this person disqualified from being a company director?

There are many other situations where a professional qualified Private Investigator can assist at home or work in various matters – could it be you?

For more information on our Distance Learning Private Investigation Courses, visit The Academy of Professional Investigation Services National And International.

How Much a Private Investigator Costs: Common Cases + What to Pay

Private Investigator Cost

Most people often have questions about Private Investigators' services. Those questions relate to an Investigator's role in gathering evidence or uncovering hidden information in many instances. However, one question gets asked more than any other: How much does a Private Investigator Cost? After all, investigations take time and resources, which cost money. If you need an inquiry and are wondering about the cost of a Private Investigator, this article is for you.

How much is Private Investigators?

Like most services, the cost of hiring London Private Investigators is determined by various factors. Below, we examine some of the many variables that can determine what Private Investigators cost. Keep in mind that there may be any number of other factors involved in determining the actual price for private investigation services in your area. Always do your due diligence to understand the total costs involved in any private investigation before you commit to hiring an Investigator.

Private Investigators are specialized professionals trained and licensed to conduct surveillance, collect evidence, and use specialized databases to look into cheating, child custody cases, missing people, and pre-employment checks. In short, if you need to get to the bottom of something, a Private Investigator can help you.

Private Investigators are specialized professionals trained and licensed  to conduct surveillance, collect evidence, and use specialized databases to look into matters such as cheating, child custody cases, missing people, and pre-employment checks. In short, if you need to get to the bottom of something, a Private Investigator can help you.

Factors Involved in Private Investigator Cost: Retainers, Hourly Fees, and Flat-Rate Costs

Private Investigator Cost Calculator

This post examines four different payment structures Private Investigators use and how much it costs to hire a Private Investigator to investigate six popular case types.

How Much Does a Private
Investigator Cost?

Across all cases, the cost of hiring a Private Investigator in the U.K. ranges from £40 - 200£ per hour.  Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services, the largest national network of licensed Private Investigators, charges between £69/hour and £79/hour.

Retainers for most agencies range from £500-£2800, depending on the type of case. Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services' average case cost is 7 hours at £79/hour, or £553.00 with no retainer (we don't charge one). Surveillance cases will run higher, while research cases will run lower, depending on the circumstances.

How much a Private Investigator cost depends on the work you want done and the case's location. If you wish to hire a private detective to find records or property, follow someone, investigate infidelity, or find a lost relative, you'll need to know how Investigators charge and for your case.

Common Causes and Their Costs

We've handled many cases with Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services. To help you understand how much you can expect to pay for a Private Investigator's services in handling common cases, we've compiled some typical case costs based on our hourly rate of £79-£99 (we charge hourly, with a small setup fee - we do not charge a retainer). We've also included some general notes on different cases and a rough guide to prices from other agencies to help you compare our methods to the rest of the industry.

Locating Someone

Typical case length: 4-8 hours

Typical cost: £316 - £632

Finding someone can include processing serving, a skip trace for a court matter, locating a runaway child, or just seeing an old friend.

A locate case can vary significantly in cost. Often 4-8 hours or more of work is expected for this case, and this will fluctuate depending on how much information you have on the person you're searching for and other factors affecting the difficulty of the case.

Most London Investigators will use the hourly rate payment structure to locate someone and may charge you for expenses. (like 

Learn more about this service.

Surveillance, Infidelity, and Following People

Typical case length: 4-18 hours

Typical cost: £316 - £1242

Each case is different. Surveillance cases can be unpredictable, but generally speaking, the more information about the person of interest's (P.O.I.'s) habits and personal life that the Investigator has, the faster they can investigate.

Most agencies will charge a retainer for cases like this that tend to range anywhere from £1,000 - £5,000, with an hourly rate charged against that retainer. We charge an hourly rate at Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services (discount for more prolonged cases). Our whole post breaks down what you can expect to be billed to have someone followed.

Learn more about this service.

Locating Birth Parents or Adopted Children

Typical case length: 2-10 hours

Typical cost: £158 - £790

The cost of a case of this nature depends on several critical factors: how long it has been since the last contact and the availability of essential records (like birth certificates). A quick digital investigation can locate someone in an hour or so if the case is recent. On the other hand, if the person you're looking for was born some time ago and you have little information, the case can run a little longer.

Because these cases can be lengthy and complex, most agencies charge a retainer, usually from £5,000-£10,000, and then charge hourly against this sum.

Again, at Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services , we will charge our hourly rate, discounted for more prolonged cases. To help get your case started, you can also look at our online investigative guide.

Learn more about this service.

In-Depth Background Checks and Research

Typical case length: 4-8 hours

Typical cost: £316 - £632

The cost of a proper, in-depth background check from a Private Investigator depends primarily on what you're looking for and what you have to do. If you're looking for things like phone records, court records, or other detailed information, these will affect the final price of the case. The more detail you seek and the less information you have to get started, the more likely your case will cost.

You may wonder why this price is higher than the online search services you found online. A background check by a Private Investigator costs more because, rather than quickly combing over public records and outdated databases, you'll have an experienced human with information that an average civilian can't access working on your case. Of course, there are better ways to perform a free background check, but if the background check is essential, you should use a Private Investigator.

Learn more about this service.

Getting Phone Records or Tracing Cell Phones

Typical case length: -

Typical cost: -

Cell phone records used to be available until 2006 for a nominal sum by licensed Investigators - but the law changed, and now different methods are required.

These days, Investigators can use tools, guesswork, and human intelligence to determine what carrier a phone number is on and to whom it is registered. They can also use other surveillance and investigation methods to investigate who someone might be contacting (the preferred method). 

Learn more about this service.

Tracking a Cell Phone

Typical case length: -

Typical cost: -

It's illegal for a Private Investigator to track someone's phone without the owner's permission. If you need to track someone's phone, we have an article covering surveillance instead. Generally speaking, management is on manageable legal grounds like cell phone tracking, and pictures make much better evidence that can be used in court if taken correctly.

Learn more about this service.

How to Hire a Private Investigator

Ready to Hire a Private Investigator? Here are a few things you should know, whether you hire a Private Investigator through Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services or not.

  1. Check Their Reviews or Get a Recommendation. There are unscrupulous Investigators out there - and even fake ones! (You can check Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services'reviews on Trustpilot.)
  2. Check their license. Some research cases do not require a licensed Investigator - but if the issue is on location or requires experience and specialized database access, you should make sure they are approved they will be operating throughout the case. Here's a handy guide on licensing information for each city. 
  3. Ask about confidentiality and security. Make sure you are comfortable with their procedures, including how they plan to communicate with you throughout the case, how they intend to send you their final report, and what their skills are with undercover work if they will be insensitive, covert situations.
  4. Ask about their experience and training. Private Investigators that operate illegally or unethically can get you in trouble or harm your case. Ask them about using G.P.S. (Global Positioning System, an accurate worldwide navigational and surveying facility based on the reception of signals from an array of orbiting satellites.), trackers, hacking into cell phones, and techniques. These three techniques are all legally restricted and prohibited in most circumstances. 
  5. Ask about insurance. Many cities have insurance requirements for licensed Investigators. Insurance is optional for some cases, but if it is, you should ask about it and ensure they have the required coverage.
  6. A good Private Investigator will discuss your expectations before money changes hands. Sometimes, it is impossible to achieve all your goals, and you should be aware of what's possible before the case begins.

Typical Private Investigator Fees

Private Investigators will typically charge for their work using a combination of one of these four common pricing structures. For example, it's not uncommon to have a retainer combined with an hourly rate or expenses included in an hourly rate - be sure to confirm this with your Investigator before you begin your case.

Note: Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services charge from £69-£79 an hour for our Private Investigator's services, excluding expenses, with no retainer. This fee includes dedicated case support and extensively vetted Investigators to help you get what you need.

Hourly Rates

Generally, hourly rates for Private Investigators range between £40-£200 nationwide. However, hourly rates change depending on your location, the Investigator or agency you hire, the difficulty of the case, whether you'll have more than one Investigator on the subject, and even the time of year.

Most Investigators and agencies (including Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services ) will adjust their hourly rate based on factors like overall hours purchased, the price of gas, and expected risks to the Investigator's safety. Most agencies (like Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services ) reduce hourly prices if you hire them for many hours. It is vital since investigations involving tactics like surveillance can take a significant time.

Note: Most hourly rates usually don't include any extra fees that an Investigator might incur, but Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services will cover the average expenses a Private Investigator may charge (outlined later in this post).

Flat Fees and Rates

A Private Investigator or agency may charge a flat fee for straightforwardly complete services. A flat-rate pricing structure should also cover other expenses to complete your case in the private investigation industry. The sorts of issues that often attract a flat fee include:

  • License Plate Searches
  •  Confirming a Cell Phone Number


Retainers can vary from £1,000 to over £5,000 per case, depending on the Investigator's or agency's policy and the work you need to be completed. 

Some Investigators will charge against your retainer and refund anything they don't use, while others will keep the total amount, whether or not they use all of it. If the services that the Private Investigator agreed to provide for you exceed the cost of your retainer or the investigation incurs expenses exceeding the value of the retainer, you'll most likely be charged for them.

At Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services, we do not charge a retainer - - just a one-time £50 processing fee to get your case started, and then charge you at an hourly rate after that.


About charges, talk to your Investigator. Some of the ordinary costs include:

  • The client pays tolls.
  •   Air Fare - If your Investigator has to fly to your job site, you should expect to pay the plane ticket bill.
  •   Hotel Fees - If your job requires an Investigator to spend the evening in a hotel, you should expect to cover their room.
  •   Court Appearances - If your Investigator has to testify, they usually will charge for their time in court, either with a flat fee or hourly rate.
  •   Administrative Costs - Some Investigators will charge for things like mailing evidence, faxing, and administrative staff. Typically, this ranges from £50-£150.
  • Database Fees - if your Investigator uses private databases in their search, they may also charge you for any fees they had to pay to use the database.

You must get an itemized invoice at the end of your investigation to ensure you can account for all expenses your Investigator may have changed.

This guide has given you a good idea of your case's cost. If you still need clarification, that's OK - the cost of each case tends to be determined on a sound, case-by-case basis. It is best to talk to a professional and see what they say. You can get a free case estimate right here, anytime. , anytime. 

Trustworthy Private Detective: | Private Investigator | Hire Private Detective in London, the UK or Worldwide-Private Investigator London | Private Detective Services UK-UK Private Investigator and Detectives agency | Surveillance-Counter Surveillance-Private Investigator london jobs-online Private Investigator uk

London Private Investigator & Investigation Services

London Private Investigator, the brilliant unit of Spetsnaz Security International Limited, has opened the gateways for having the best support in getting complete private investigations developed by highly qualified and strenuously trained Investigators. They take total pressure to relieve the clients by providing the best work through innovative personal investigation services in the region. Spetsnaz Security International Limited offers the services of an expert to overcome real issues related to numerous threats multiplied in organizations through unknown ways.

Spetsnaz Security International Limited is moving with the clear objective of delivering the services of an effective Private Investigator in London to give the organization the very best in finding the best solutions for all menacing activities for making all the sectors have smooth work to develop and grow. We work with the best protocols to give away innovative solutions for all needs.

Today, people across London, including major cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kawasaki, Hiroshima, Sendai, Kitakyushu, Chiba, Sakai, and Kumamoto, our processes are most in assisting the client all the ways.

Our Private Investigation Services in London are as follows:-
  • Corporate Surveillance Services
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
  • Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement Investigation
  • IP Enforcement Actions
  • Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation
  • Personal Detective Services
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Human Resources Investigations
  • Internal Investigation (undercover)
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Information Gathering and Data Research
  • Legal Services or Process Servers
  • Background & Asset Check
  • Missing Persons Investigations

London Private Investigator: Restrictions for Investigations

Private investigations in London conducted under the strict compliance of governing rules and laws of the country which prohibit us from driving:

  • Stalking: Our Investigators are not responsible for conducting stalking of the person or statement, which shouldn't be given to the client but can be given to governmental police personnel.
  • Bugging and Tapping: This highly illegal and defamed activity is always avoided by our lawful Private Investigator in London working for Spetsnaz Security International Limited in the territory.

Private Investigation – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering retaining the services of a Private Investigator, you should know some background information regarding these individuals. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Private investigators and their answers.

Who Is a Private Investigator?

A detective/private investigator investigates to uncover specific evidence. A Private Investigator may have to undergo thorough training and be licensed by a licensing authority. Many retired police officers or military personnel pursue this profession.

What Types of Cases Does Private Investigator Handle?

Private Investigators are retained in all sorts of cases. They are commonly associated with family law cases, including child custody, divorce, adultery, and child support. They are also retained in accident cases, including accident reconstruction and insurance investigations. You may hire them to help locate assets, provide forensic accounting services, or complete background checks, and this is a tiny sample of the cases they work on during a routine week.

Who Hires Private Investigator?

Anyone can hire a Private Investigator. However, law firms, businesses, insurance companies, and private citizens may retain the services of such professionals.

What Does a Private Investigator Do

A Private Investigator may offer a variety of services to their clients. Law firms may gather information about parties or witnesses in civil or criminal cases by hiring a Private Investigator. Insurance companies often retain their services to investigate suspicious claims. Private parties may hire Investigators to find missing people, complete surveillance on spouses, or unearth hidden assets to enforce a judgment. Fieldwork consists of conducting interviews and completing surveillance work. Once finished, they may create detailed reports that describe their findings and testify in court.

What Types of Devices Do Private Investigators Use?

What Does a Private Investigator Not Do?

How Does a Private Investigator Get Paid?

In many cases, Private Investigators charge an hourly fee based on the case's complexity, location, and other factors. Some services, such as a background or record check, may be available for a flat price. However, many Private Investigators will ask for an upfront retainer before they agree to take the case. You may also have to pay for out-of-pocket expenses that Private Investigators expend to complete the service, such as mileage, airline charges, copying charges, long-distance telephone call charges, and photo printing charges.

What Should I Do Before I Hire a Private Investigator?

Before you sign a retainer agreement with a specific Private Investigator, there are several steps that you should take to execute due diligence. For example, you should request references for the Private Investigator, including past clients. Additionally, ask for the Investigator’s license number if applicable and check with the licensing board about any complaints lodged against them.

How Do I Choose the Right Private Investigators?

Hiring a Private Investigator should not be made as a rash decision. Instead, research the Private Investigator whom you are interested in hiring. Complete a brief phone interview with them and request an initial consultation. Many Private Investigators do not charge for such a consultation. Ask them several questions to learn about everything important to you. Be sure to ask specifically how they charge and which costs are built into this estimate. Ask for an approximation of what the complete service will cost you and whether an upfront retainer is required. Ask for a written retainer agreement before you pay the Investigator. Additionally, ask that the Investigator provide an itemized bill and services accounting.


Top-Expert Emergency Private Security Driver Services National And International

Security Guards National & International

Security Driver Responsibilities

The security driver employs a broad skillset that combines evasive and defensive driving training, vehicle safety inspection and maintenance, and foot patrol and surveillance. Before embarking with the principal on scheduled excursions, the driver will thoroughly inspect the vehicle, ensuring its safe operation and clean presentation. The number of cars and drivers will vary depending on the level of risk or environment. For example, a low-risk client may have one vehicle, whereas a high-level individual may require additional cars to form a fleet that will flank the principal’s vehicle.

Security driver candidates must hold a clean driving license and demonstrate a history of or a willingness to undertake job-specific training. The security driver will be well-presented, have excellent communication and written skills, and always maintain an air of professionalism. The security driver must keep abreast of innovative wireless technology and systems, including continuing job-specific education through training courses and other means.

Duties may include but are not limited to vehicle patrol of exterior areas of given locations, foot patrol of interior/exterior areas of given sites, surveillance and reporting any suspicious activities and persons, proactive response to any emergency, enforcement of procedures and rules for the safe transportation of the principal and car fleet management and upkeep.

Hire a Security Driver

At Spetsnaz Security International Limited, we understand that Ultra high-net-worth individuals face security threats most people cannot understand. Review the resumes of our security candidates and you’ll discover a highly trained class of professionals with military or police experience. Not only do our candidates have safe driving records, but they also demonstrate the excellent judgment and observation skills you expect. That’s why royalty, politicians, celebrities, executives, and other security-sensitive individuals repeatedly choose us for their driver recruitment needs. A security guard recruited from Spetsnaz Security International Limited will:

  • Assure the safe operation and clean appearance of the vehicles in your fleet while also addressing scheduled maintenance needs.
  • Stay vigilant for potential threats and employ evasive and defensive driving maneuvers when necessary. 
  • Serve security during travel, including foot patrol and surveillance duties, thus assuring your safety.

Insurance Investigation | Private Detective Agency

Trustworthy Private Detective: | Private Investigator | Hire Private Detective in London, the UK or Worldwide-Private Investigator London | Private Detective Services UK-UK Private Investigator and Detectives agency | Surveillance-Counter Surveillance-Private Investigator london jobs-online Private Investigator uk

London UK Private Investigator

Spetsnaz Security International Investigations is a full-service firm serving London's public, corporate, legal, and insurance communities with comprehensive investigation services. Our specialized services include background investigations, asset searches, locates, and surveillance.

Spetsnaz's Security International Investigations team includes former London MI5 Secret Service Special Agents and former law enforcement officers with specialized training and expertise. We are a national firm with city-of-the-art capabilities that enable our local field Investigators to provide guaranteed reliable results cost-effectively.

Spetsnaz Security International provides proactive investigative support for criminal, civil, and domestic matters filed in London Courts and federal cases in the United Kingdom District Court for the Southern District of London. We can also coordinate our investigations with local law enforcement. The London Police Department and the London UK Chief share jurisdiction in local criminal matters.

London UK Asset Search and Discovery – Spetsnaz Security International Investigations provides asset search and discovery investigations for private, legal, and business clients in London, UK, and throughout London. From undisclosed bank/brokerage accounts to concealed assets held by shell corporations, our decades of experience and results have made us a leader in asset search and discovery.

London UK Locate Investigations – Fidel’s investigative team includes experts with specialized training in locating witnesses, defendants, family members, and other individuals in the London UK area. Spetsnaz Security International Investigations has the experience and personnel to find individuals quickly.

London UK Background Investigations – Spetsnaz Security International Investigations offers comprehensive background investigations for corporations, law firms, and private clients in London, UK. Our background investigations include high-level executive vetting, due diligence, litigation support, and prenuptial profiles. We have extensive resources to uncover civil, criminal, domestic, marital, educational, and financial records to provide our clients with the most valuable and in-depth information.

We also have extensive resources to uncover civil, criminal, domestic, marital, educational, and financial records to provide our clients with the most valuable and in-depth information.

London UK Surveillance Services – Spetsnaz Security International Investigations offers surveillance services, including personal injury and domestic surveillance and investigation of the accident, worker's compensation, and disability claims. We are a top provider for insurance companies and law firms.

Trustworthy Private Detective London offers discreet, reliable, and affordable private investigator services in the UK. Contact us for costs and fees.


Don't hesitate to contact us with confidentiality to provide us with more information about your private investigation needs and the types of detective services required. We are committed to ensuring the success of your event in every possible way.

Call us now at +44 (0759) 957 45 24 - Viber & WhatsApp or alternatively Email us : [email protected].


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