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Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. provides:

  • Professional Personal Protection Officers and Tailored Bodyguard Services,
  • Close Protection Services, VIP Luxury Services,
  • Security Consultancy to corporate,
  • high-net-worth individuals and celebrity clients,
  • government departments.
And any legitimate persons requiring protective services Worldwide.

Spetsnaz Security International provides ex-Military, Secret Service Agents, Former British Special Forces, and Police Bodyguards in London, the UK, And internationally & Worldwide. Hire London's UK premier Close Protection Experts for your Personal Protection Security in London, The UK & Worldwide.

SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL Fidel Matola offers a complete bodyguard and chauffeur service for VIPs who travel worldwide. Our leading teams are based in the UK, USA, and Bulgaria, but we have operators in the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. Our daily rates start at £270 per day for a bodyguard in London and £650 for a chauffeur with a Mercedes S Class / 7 Series BMW. We have a fleet of more than 20 cars available for you to be chauffeured into.

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If you are looking for Armed/Unarmed Executive VIP Close Protection Security Professional Bodyguards, Close Protection. And Private Chauffeur Services personal protection bodyguard services in London, UK, Worldwide, We provide High profile Bodyguard Services, Close Protection, and VIP Security Services in London, UK, And International & Worldwide. Our International office will organize the human resources, technical aspects, and logistics required for each mission in coordination with our regional office and professionally coordinate the operation from beginning to end.

We Will handle your security coordination locally through our London, UK, And International Based Close Protection Team when you have reached London, UK. If you are located Internationally, We will handle your security through our local associates or regional office in your area.

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If you are an International Customer, please dial: Mobile Phone: 0044.759.957.45.24

Mobile: +48570969009

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Our Services: | Spetsnaz Security International.

London Chauffeur Service & Executive Car Hire | Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd.

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Top Reasons to Hire Our Private Chauffeur Services


Having a private chauffeur is much more than just a driver. Of course, their primary purpose is to drive you around and look after the vehicle, but they provide a lot more than that.

Here are a few reasons you should hire private chauffeur services:

1. There's more time for other things:

Driving is stressful – especially during rush hours when it looks like everyone is on the road. Being on the road for hours is a terrible experience when a busy corporate professional.

When you have a private chauffeur to steer the car, you can use the time to be more productive. Whether it's to answer emails on your phone, read or sign important documents or make last-minute changes to a presentation, you'll find that you have a lot more time when you leave the driving to someone else.

2. Minimize stress & danger

We all get a little worked up during the day, and often we take the frustration on the road. Yet, according to recent reports, 66% of on-road fatalities come from aggressive driving, something we're all guilty of now and then.

If you lead a fast-paced, stressful life, hiring a private chauffeur is a surefire way to keep you safe on the road. They are trained to maintain composure even in times of stress. So you can sit back and relax on your seat and let the chauffeur worry about the road.

They are trained to maintain composure even in times of stress. So you can sit back and relax on your seat and let the chauffeur worry about the road.

3. Parking isn't an issue

Hands down, finding the right parking spot is the most irritating thing. Finding a parking place can be incredibly frustrating, depending on where you live.

When you have a private chauffeur, you don't have to drive around the block hoping to find a spot to park your car. Instead, you reach your destination and leave the vehicle; the chauffeur can take all the time he needs to find a parking space.

4. You're never late

Private chauffeurs have the responsibility of planning routes. They are well aware of traffic patterns and the ins and outs of the city; they know which courses to take and when to take them.

They'll make sure you reach your destination on time.

Ready to enjoy the perks of having a private chauffeur? At London private chauffeur Driving Services, we offer exemplary personal chauffeur services. All our chauffeurs are former law enforcement employees; they'll keep you safe on the road and protect you from any other trouble you may run into.

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Lone Worker Solutions Nationwide

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What is a lone worker?

A lone worker (LW) is an individual who performs an activity carried out in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision, and this may expose such staff to risk because there is no one to assist them so that risk assessment may be required. Lone workers are now often supported by cloud-based automated monitoring systems and specialized monitoring call centers - often referred to as an 'Alarm Receiving Centre' or 'ARC' in the UK.

It is in the employer's interest to ensure workers' safety from regulatory and cost perspectives. One critical area is to allow all workers to alert others. It is in the employer's interest to protect workers from regulatory and cost perspectives. One important place is enabling all workers to warn others when they are no longer safe. Furthermore, this is particularly important for lone worker protection as they often work without supervision or anyone around. In most countries, employers are required by law through occupational health and safety agencies (HSE in the UK to give two examples) to take specific precautions to control the risks for their lone workers.

Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd., above all other lone worker protection solutions, provides the best capabilities for employers to understand the safety status of all workers and be readily alerted in case of an incident.


Private Investigation | Overt or Covert Surveillance National Or International

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What is Physical Surveillance?

They record the movements, activities, and Interactions of a Person or a group of people. Experienced surveillance agents are available nationally or internationally at relatively short notice to monitor and record any person or group of people's movements, interactions, and activities. Agents are fully equipped with hi-tech audio/video/tracking equipment and can be deployed in teams comprising roving vehicles, motorcycles, and "boots on the ground." In addition, aerial and waterborne surveillance can be arranged. Surveillance is a critical investigative resource in any investigation or inquiry as it provides clear, unambiguous, and irrefutable visual proof of a person's actions.

Governments use surveillance for intelligence gathering, prevention of crime, and the protection of a process, person, group, object, or criminal investigation. However, criminal organizations also use it to plan, commit crimes, and gather intelligence on competitors, suppliers, or customers.

Surveillance monitors behavior, activities, or information to influence, manage, or direct. It can include observation from a distance using electronic equipment, such as closed-circuit television (CCTV), or interception of electronically transmitted information, such as Internet traffic. It can also include simple technical methods, such as human intelligence gathering and postal interception.

How much does surveillance cost?

Surveillance usually is billed per agent per hour. This hourly fee depends upon the area where the administration is to take place, the number of hours of surveillance required, and other relevant factors. The standard AA rates will be charged per vehicle per mile if cars are used. Other forms of transportation and incidental expenses (e.g., parking, tolls, entrance fees.) are billed at cost. I will discuss all costs with you beforehand and a pre-approved budget for incidental expenses. We would contact you to discuss and seek approval for any potential significant expenses during the surveillance so you will never end up with a final bill you were not expecting.

This service aims to provide complete security services using physical and digital surveillance instead of close protection bodyguard services. Protective surveillance-counter surveillance is the same as a close protection bodyguard service but conducted invisibly, giving you peace of mind and an advantage over your enemies/competitors or anything you might worry about. Performing operations on the street, our surveillance-counter surveillance officers are entirely invisible and can act as anything to blend the environment. These exceptional surveillance services give you an advantage in reclaiming the element of surprise and the tactical edge by conducting truly covert protective operations.

We offer protective surveillance services if you do not want a security guard shadowing your every move. Furthermore, this is a more low-profile technique used to protect clients who wish to keep their privacy while knowing there is a responsive and capable security team nearby if a situation arises.

We provide security officers and electronic surveillance systems nationally and internationally to office buildings, construction sites, retail space, transportation facilities, private residences, neighborhoods, business and commercial properties, local communities, data centers, and government and non-government installations. Full-time and part-time contracted services receive the same quality of service backed by our commitment to excellence.


Door Supervisors in London | Hire SIA Door Supervisors

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Door Supervisors in London | Hire SIA Door Supervisors | Bouncers | Doorman | SIA Licensed Security Guards For Hire In London | Book Door Supervisors in London | Hire SIA Licensed Door Supervisors.

Spetsnaz Security International Door Supervision in the London Area and Nationwide

Door Supervisors in London | Hire SIA Door Supervisors | Bouncers | Doorman | SIA Licensed Security Guards For Hire In London | Book Door Supervisors in London | Hire SIA Licensed Door Supervisors.

Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd. is one of London's premier providers of licensed door supervisors, offering complete security services to all areas of the licensed Industry, from small restaurants, pubs, clubs, and bars to large premises and larger entertainment venues.

The leisure industry is particularly unpredictable, requiring changing attitudes and approaches to many situations. We frequently supply door supervisors to leisure and entertainment venues nationwide in London and many other areas.

SIA Licensed, UK Government Vetted and Fully Trained

Here at Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd., our highly trained, skilled, and knowledgeable licensed Door Supervisors are ready at a moment's notice to adapt to any given situation at any given time. All our door supervisors are trained in common law, including Behavioural Standards, Civil and Criminal Law, Search Procedures, Arrest Procedures, Health and safety, fire and safety, and more. In addition, all our staff is trained to resolve situations proactively, always step ahead and resolve conflicts before the start, wherever possible. However, they will not tolerate and are committed to preventing any manifestation of intimidation, aggression, violence, anti-social behavior, or bigotry at our client's venues.

Wherever you operate a small restaurant, pub, club, or bar, we have the experience and knowledge to assist you in ensuring the success of your venue. We can provide permanent or temporary teams from two people upwards. Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer, and the unit can be structured with male and female door supervisors.


Yacht Security And Maritime Security Guards

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The port of London has been central to London's economy since the city's founding in the 1st century and was a significant contributor to the growth and success of the town. However, like any other Port, it can be considered a world on its own. Millions of containers are shipped yearly by a variety of companies. All these shipments require 24/7, 7 days week security at the port and on board the ships.

Ports and maritime companies are indispensable to our economy. But security in the marine sector is a complex matter, and business needs to adhere to various regulations. Furthermore, this requires constant professional control mechanisms and appropriate security firms working in the maritime Industry.

Compared with surveilling business perimeters, port surveillance requires a specific approach. Maritime security guards are trained in port security under regulating private and exceptional safety. Rest assured that they will always act adequately and take the correct security measures.

If you are active in the maritime sector, you will undoubtedly recognize the following risks:

  • Cargo theft
  • Security incidents
  • Drug and human trafficking
  • Terrorist threat
  • Illegal Access
  • Fire

So what Does a Maritime Security Guard Do?

The tasks of a maritime security guard with the functions of any other type of security guard. The main difference is that marine security guards can work on a ship or yacht on its way to its destination. Therefore, the conditions in which maritime security guards must work are constantly changing.

To be prepared best for any dangers on the water, maritime security guards must follow an extensive training program that includes both theory and practice. The theory part is focused on understanding the safety of a boat. For example, what are the most targeted places for onboard pirates? How do pirates get on board a ship? How can you best protect the control room of a boat?

The practice part of the course requires endurance, anticipation, and survival skills. So, whenever you have hired a professional maritime security guard, you can be confident that you are in good hands, not only because of the extensive training but also because professional maritime security guards are often former marines with decades of military training.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring Maritime Security Guards?

The presence of maritime security guards on your ship or yacht brings many benefits. Before leaving the port, the security guards check the boat for defects. They will ensure that all defectives, such as open hatches, defective doors, and broken windows, have been fixed so that you are good to go.

Another benefit of maritime security on your ship is that pirates no longer see you as an easy target. So it will demotivate them and try to look for other marks.

The last benefit is that maritime security guards can train your ship's crew on board. Based on their training and decades of experience, they can teach your team how to keep the boat as secure as possible. It is paramount that all security information is shared among the crew. Once the ship has left the port, the staff and the maritime security guards must work closely together as there is nobody else to rely on while you are in the middle of the sea.

Why Should You Hire Spetsnaz Security International for Your Maritime Security Guard Needs?

When you own a yacht or a ship in London and decide to cross the ocean, contact Spetsnaz Security International. Our highly trained maritime security team has decades of experience on the water. We know the challenges you and your crew can face while on the sea. We can scan your ship and point out any security improvements to make your boat or yacht safe and secure. If you require maritime security guards on board to protect you during your journey, you are in good hands with us. We have the Industry's best professional marine security guards directly available to help you. Contact us now to get started.


Emergency Fire Watch Security Guards

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Fire Watch Security Guards Nationwide Don’t wait. Hire a fire watch guard in London now! If you’re a property owner in London and your building’s fire alarm system and a water-based fire protection system such as a sprinkler system, are inoperational, hire a fire watch security guard and implement a fire watch. Your safety is paramount to us, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you have the fire watch services you need at the best rates. We serve London, including East London, West London, North London, South London, and nationwide.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fast Dispatch – We have fire watch security guards in London waiting for your call. We guarantee your guard will be on time and ready for service.
  • Fully Equipped – Your fire watch patrol will be equipped when they set foot on your property.
  • Fire Marshall Compliant – Your fire watch officer will keep a log and monitor the area per city and ordinance.
  • Emergency Trained – Our security officers are trained to identify hazards and work with the local 999 authorities.

We started Fire Watch Guards Services to provide four years ago ' Per a recent study, 100 % of our customers say they would refer Fire Watch Guards to their friends and family. (Based on +9K actual customers surveyed)


Keyholding And Alarm Response Security Guard Services Nationwide

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Verified Alarm Response

 Keyholding Company & Alarm Response UK | Keyholding Services | Security Guards London: | Hire SIA Licensed Security Guards | Alarm Response | Security Keyholding Ltd | Keyholding Services London, Keyholding, 24-hours Alarm Response

Security Alarm Response Services For Commercial and Retail Businesses Nationwide

The largest and fastest alarm response company in London

Spetsnaz Security International Limited is a secure critical exchange service providing an easy way for homeowners to manage rental guests for services such as Airbnb using their existing keys and fobs.

Are you in need of an alarm response provider? Spetsnaz Security International Limited is the largest alarm response provider in the United Kingdom. We respond to over 8,000 alarms per month with the fastest response time in the Industry. Our 24-hour dispatch center is in London, the City of Westminster, and handles all communications between the alarm company(s) and the alarm responders on the road. Furthermore, this means quickly responding to alarm calls like burglary and other emergencies. No need to wait and feel helpless in the face of a crisis because we are here to help you

Spetsnaz Security International's Verified Alarm Response service provides our commercial and retail clients with security alarm response coverage to verify security alarm activity at any client site or location in the United Kingdom. Many local law enforcement agencies require this verification to ensure that an actual crime has occurred before responding to an alarm. Our extensive national network facilitates a quick and professional response to assess a situation. Our National Command Center supports Spetsnaz Security International's professionally trained and SIA-licensed security guards, staffed 24/7, 7 days a week. We work with various clients, including, but not limited to, industrial and manufacturing sites, distribution centers, warehouses, shopping malls and retail stores, and corporate office parks.

How Does Our Verified Alarm Response Service Work?

Upon the request of your staff or security alarm monitoring company, Spetsnaz Security International will dispatch a security officer to ascertain the cause of the alarm at a client site and verify if a break-in has occurred. Once verified, the officer will notify our National Command Center, contact law enforcement and client-designated officials with verified alarm responses, and relay further instructions to the security officer on site.

We Are Ready To Respond 24/7

Spetsnaz Security International's city-of-the-art National Command Center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with seasoned professionals. These professionals manage our day-to-day activities and coordinate our response to any emergency. Furthermore, this includes our alarm response services. As noted above, the National Command Center serves as a single point of contact for our clients and will work directly with you in the event of security alarm activity.

Our National Network is Extensive

Spetsnaz Security International can immediately respond to security alarm activity by drawing upon our security force in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Reading, and the nationwide network. We pioneered developing contacts and resources among local police and sheriff's departments, security consultants, law enforcement agencies, investigative firms, and private security affiliates to build a national service for our clients. As a result, we have assembled a network of approximately 700 police officers and 180 security companies trained and evaluated according to our specifications and ready to provide alarm response services upon request.

For more information on our verified alarm response service and how we can help you, please get in touch with us at (+44) 0759 957 4524.


Event Security Guards | Party or Special Event Security Services

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#1 Security Guard Company London

Spetsnaz Security International services provide business owners, event promoters, managers, and private customers with integrated solutions designed to quickly, efficiently, and effectively address security concerns. We can even provide celebrity bodyguards, movie set security, and red-carpet security. The modern world is frightening with evolving dangers that pose hazardous security concerns. Spetsnaz Security International Service will address these concerns with customized solutions designed by specialists that represent the Industry's best and most up-to-date talent and technology, let alone in the Nation. Spetsnaz Security International services provide innovative solutions such as:

  • Event Security – Any size event, from small gatherings to huge, filled arenas
  • Club Security – Nightclub security and bar security of any nature
  • Movie Set Security – Crowd control and constant set security
  • Election Security – Contentious election cycles can cause violent outbreaks
  • Around-the-Clock Security – 24/7 security and monitoring
  • Unarmed Security – When the cargo or customer needs trained specialists, we’re here
  • VIP Security – We have guarded and protected many VIP’s of all stature
  • Commercial & Private Security – Any properties of any size

Spetsnaz Security International Services is extremely qualified and constantly trained in new and improved methods to address security issues such as:

  • Stalkers
  • Large crowds & demonstrations
  • Terrorist activities
  • Violent attacks
  • Attempted theft
  • Break-ins
  • Fire prevention and detection
  • VIP and individual protection



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London Construction and Building Site Security Guards:| 24-hours Security Guards London | Security Risk Experts | Security Services London | London Security Company

Construction Security Guards London

Is your construction site in need of security? Spetsnaz Security International (SSI) is based in London, UK. It provides construction site security services in the metropolitan London area, including Mayfair, Paddington, the Soho, Pimlico, St. James's, St. John's Wood, the West End, Westminster, Whitehall, Central London, Bayswater, Belgravia, Bloomsbury, Clerkenwell, The City, Holborn and all the Rest of the boroughs.

We understand that with any construction project, time is money. However, any delays to a project due to theft, vandalism, arson, or other damage can push back a project's completion date and add unnecessary and unplanned costs.

Construction sites are most vulnerable when work stops, and workers go home. However, expensive equipment and materials often need proper security to avoid theft or damage.

Don't Become a Statistic.

According to the most recent National Crime Information Center (NCIC) statistics, over 10,000 heavy equipment thefts are reported yearly, with an under 25% recovery rate. The total cost of this theft is in the '300 million to '1 billion range. Of course, security is a cost, but it's a bargain compared to losing expensive equipment or facing a damaged construction site. Additionally, many insurance companies offer reduced rates if a professional security company is hired to guard a place.

What We Can Do

Spetsnaz Security International unarmed security guards provide various services, including access control, perimeter or walking patrol, control room/CCTV monitoring, vehicle patrol, and more.

We can provide all required documentation, such as our state-issued license, insurance, certificates, and registrations, allowing Spetsnaz Security International and our agents to offer construction security detail services.

The Spetsnaz Security International Construction Site Security Difference

Spetsnaz Security International is suitable if you want a company to provide the personal touch and close management of your contract that you won't get with big security companies. If you seek construction security in Yonkers, you can visit us in person, and no matter where you are located, we can come to you to discuss your needs.



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 K9 Security Guard Dogs | Dog Security | London

We provide K9 security patrol solutions to businesses, private homes, events, and more at London dog handler services. During COVID and protesting, demand is very high, so please call to learn more! We help protect what's valuable to you!

We proudly provide explosive, bomb, weapon, drug, and K9 security patrol sweeps and security at public and private events in London, Essex, Reading, Manchester, Birmingham, Devon, Cornwall, and many more cities! In addition, we are happy to provide references to major events and private businesses/homes where we have offered K9 patrol and event security. We currently search all major cities nationwide, including London, Reading, Kent, and Canterbury. We also frequently work events nationwide in Bristol, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sunderland, and Wolverhampton!

Our K9s will sniff, search, sweep, screen, and help deter/prevent any illegal contraband from your event. Domestic and internationally terrorism is a real threat, and detecting dogs can help keep your event space safe. We have recently added K9 explosive and narcotic detection services for hire to London and more significant events across the United Kingdom!

Enhancing Your Event Security Measures to Promote Safety

We can search for bombs or drugs at promotional, religious, school, political, and charity events, and more! In addition, our K9s can sweep patrons who enter or exit and search the surrounding perimeter, including vehicles, to boost event security and increase safety.

Call K9 London Dog Security Handlers today to learn how to strengthen your event security measures nationwide! 


Locksmith Services Nationwide

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Locksmiths - Emergency Locksmiths | 24/7 Locksmith Services London

 Locksmiths - Emergency Locksmiths | 24/7 Locksmith Services London<

#1: London Locksmith

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, Spetsnaz Security International provides your business with the most advanced commercial security services.

We take every measure possible to attain the highest levels of all locksmith services. All of our locksmiths are excellent training in the locksmith field and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. So if you get locked out, we can help!

Door Lockout Services

Nowadays, installing automatic doors has gained massive popularity worldwide. These doors open and close automatically when someone moves inside your property. They are installed at airports, hotels, malls, and other places the masses visit. But, as these doors require specific maintenance, getting them serviced occasionally is mandatory to enjoy their flawless service.

The expert Spetsnaz Security International locksmiths have experience detecting and rectifying issues related to these doors. We are available 24×7 to assist our customers.

24-hour Emergency Locksmith

An emergency can happen to anyone without any prior notice. For example, after reaching home, you realize that your home's key is missing, the extra key is inside the house, or the high-security lock of your home or office does not accept the password or identity stored for unlocking the lock. This situation is enough to frustrate anyone. In addition, there are other situations where you find yourself stuck in a situation where you cannot use your assets (like a car, bike, or step in your house or office) because of missing keys.

Interestingly, Spetsnaz Security International Locksmith has a team of dedicated locksmiths who are always ready to help customers in need 24×7 without any concern of time and place. We are just a call away from you.

Commercial Locksmith

At Spetsnaz Security International Locksmith, how it is not easy to set up your business or commercial property for giving it on rent. Therefore, we have expertise in installing high-security locks and alarms to protect your hard-earned money from the eyes of burglars and anyone trying to retain possession of your commercial property during your absence. Installing these locks and alarms will help easily protect your crucial and secret documents, office accessories, and various expensive assets.

Our locks. Our locksmiths are equipped with the latest tool and equipment and have vast experience dealing with all locks-related issues. We are available 24×7 for our customers in need and reach their place with a single call.

Residential Lockout

The residential lockout situation can happen to any person, and the person or family with whom this situation occurs is no less than a nightmare. Standing out of the home because of the missing key is enough to irritate anyone. Conversely, regarding your house's security, you need help finding a locksmith to unlock or develop duplicate keys. Moving ahead, finding any 24×7 locksmiths who could come to your place and rectify the issue is also challenging.

Interestingly Spetsnaz Security International Locksmith Locksmith is an established name in London for detecting and rectifying the issues related to all types of residential locks. From conventional locks to modern high-security and alarm systems installed at your homes. We are also expertise in rekeying your door. Another important feature of our service is giving you an estimate of our service free of cost before working for you.

Car Lockout

For the car owner's situation of a car, for the car owner's case a vehicle, for the car owner's position a vehicle, the lockout is one of the highly frustrating situations where they are not able to drive their vehicle just because they don't have its key with them. However, car lockout usually forgets the keys in a locked car, but there are various other reasons, like missing keys, broken keys, or some malfunction in the vehicle's central locking system. Whatever the reason, nothing is more painful than not driving your car, which doesn't suffer from mechanical issues. The situation is no less than a curse when you need the vehicle urgently to move somewhere.

Instead of panicking, you must find options to eliminate the problem. If your car is under warranty, you are lucky enough to call your dealership for assistance immediately, but what is the chance to combat the situation if it is not under contract? Interestingly, it is when you need assistance from an expert locksmith who could help you come out of the situation without any damage to your car and its existing lock system.

The Spetsnaz Security International Locksmith has a team of expert locksmiths capable of unlocking all types of locks installed in your car. The expertise of our team lies.

  1. Unlock your car without damage to your vehicle's exterior or interior portions.
  2. Developing duplicate keys if they are lost or misplaced.
  3. Take out the keys if stuck in the ignition or tailgate.
  4. Repairing and replacing the alarm system.
  5. 24'7 service on an emergency basis.


London Retail Security, Store Detectives, and Loss Prevention Services

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#1: London Retail Security Guard Services

Our retail security is licensed and regularly trained by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). In addition, we offer Professional guards or discreet store detectives for your retail establishment anywhere nationwide—available 24/7. Spetsnaz Security International Limited is a dynamic, innovative UK security company offering a complete range of retail security London services, available throughout London and anywhere nationwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Spetsnaz Security International Limited ensures that your retail premises are adequately protected by trained first aid (SIA) Licensed male and female security guards available 24/7. We offer the best and the most trained security guards across the country.

Spetsnaz Security International works with a broad range and diverse retailers to provide safety to their staff and secure their assets. Our armed and unarmed security agents are trained in customer service, specifically for high-end luxury boutiques. While our primary responsibility is security, it is equally important to recognize that we are often the first impression customers see; appearances and service matter. Our agents are perfect for the high-end retail sector; agents are outfitted in the security industry's highest-quality suits and uniforms. The expense of uniforms and equipment is never an issue with Spetsnaz Security International. Achieving 'the look' our client desires is always our priority. Our security agents are highly professional, clean-cut, and trained, and we can customize a security program unique and specific to each of our client's needs.

London Luxury Retail Security Agent Services

We realize that being a leader in the security industry is all about service and exceeding client expectations and needs. Our agents are available 24/7 to meet all of your retail security needs, including:

  • Product Launching
  • Product Transports
  • Overnight Security
  • Emergency Response
  • Inventory Audits
  • Plainclothes Undercover agents
  • Undercover Employees
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Temporary coverage
  • Holiday coverage


Secure Transportation Services

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Secure Transportation Services

In today's world, finding transportation is easy. However, finding reliable and secure transportation services can be a challenge. With London Secure Transportation's fast transportation service, you will receive safe and timely transport from point A to B.

  • Minimized risk: Vetted, trained drivers combined with 24/7 real-time monitoring by the London Secure Transportation team
  • No logistics headaches: Timeliness you can rely on from trained professionals so you can maximize productivity
  • Customizable service: Options from airport transport to transportation for the duration of your trip
  • Exceptional planning: Receive driver information and systematic meet and greet procedures ahead of time
  • Superior intelligence: Initial analysis of your destination, which means critical areas are avoided, and secure processes are planned
  • Contingency preparation: Professional drivers who have prepared alternative routes and know the locations of the nearest hospitals, police stations, and safe havens in case of an emergency.

Spetsnaz Security International Limited is an experienced passenger transportation company devoted to providing its clients with the highest service and professionalism. We offer a full range of services, including transportation planning, assistance, and reservations throughout London and the UK.

Each of our customers is unique and requires a unique approach. So, that's true whether you're an individual riding with us for an event or celebration or a business setting up multiple or repetitive routes.

Spetsnaz Security International Limited is a specialist security provider offering commercial and government clients a full range of operational security services. We are an Iraq-based company staffed by predominately ex-military personnel. Spetsnaz Security International Limited is fully registered, licensed, and insured.


Cyber / Crime Investigation Services

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We are the Most Technologically Advanced Digital Investigative Agency in the Industry

If you need the most in-depth digital investigation possible, you've found it in the City That Never Sleeps- London. Our highly-trained computer forensics engineers at Cyber Investigations Services London use the most advanced tools and knowledge to extract evidence from computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

, Unlike traditional private detective work that can take months to produce results, we help you find the evidence you seek for in as little as 48 hours. Rather than wasting countless hours on costly fieldwork by a private detective, we can help you find the evidence at its source's digital devices.

Like DNA, the data on our computers and phones contains code that, once unlocked, can answer questions with irrefutable certainty. For example, digital artifacts from voicemails, text messages, and GPS logs can unveil many details about a person's motivations, attitudes, and activities. That can shed a bright light on covert behavior.

A sophisticated network of cameras known as the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative, or LMSI, helps police positively identify the license plate numbers and specific vehicles involved in collisions, hit-and-runs, and other traffic infractions. Those cameras are everywhere you look these days, from offices to businesses to homes, and they record all kinds of evidence. At London Cyber Investigation Services, our private detectives can help clients access footage from closed-circuit surveillance cameras and data from smartphones, hard drives, social media accounts, and various digital devices to find crucial answers in all kinds of civil cases and criminal investigations.

We can help clients with Text Message and Email Recovery, Audio, Photo, and Video Enhancement, GPS Logs, Employee Background Checks, Cheating spouses, and Digital Remote Monitoring.

Leading Private Investigation, Digital Evidence Services in London

If you have concerns about a cheating wife or husband, employee theft, a custody dispute, or other matters, we can help you get answers. We provide industry-leading digital forensics services to businesses and individuals through our vast offices throughout Eurasia and the United States. Our team includes experienced, certified digital analysts and dedicated customer service associates who provide clients with high-quality services.

We know security and confidentiality are top concerns for our clients. Therefore, we employ strict security and confidentiality protocols at all locations. We also conduct daily procedural and record audits on every case we handle. As a result, we guarantee that clients' requests and information are secure and confidential.

To open a case or learn more about our services, please give us a call at (+44) 759-957-4524 to reach one of our London locations. Our dedicated customer service representatives are available at all hours, seven days a week, every day of the year.


London UK Surveillance Services – Spetsnaz Security International Investigations offers complete security services, including personal injury and domestic surveillance and accident investigation, worker's compensation, and disability claims. We are a top provider for insurance companies and law firms.

Don't hesitate to contact us with confidentiality to tell us more about your private investigation services requirements and the types of security services you need. We will be happy to help in any way possible to ensure your event succeeds.

Ensure your safety with London's premier V.I.P. close protection bodyguard services. Our personal protection experts offer affordable and reliable private security. Hire trustworthy executive protection from Spetsnaz Security International.


Don't hesitate to contact us with confidentiality to provide us with more information about your private security needs and the types of security services you require. We are dedicated to ensuring the success of your event in every possible way.

Call us now at +44 (0759) 957 45 24 - Viber & WhatsApp or alternatively Email us : [email protected].


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