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LADA BULGARIA confirms that we have engaged with SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL FIDEL MATOLA LIMITED to perform specialized security services for our Group and clients. These services include:

  • Close Protection Security Services on three-month cycles and on a 24/7 basis
  • Some subjects that are protected are High Profile Prosecutors

We have found SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL FIDEL MATOLA LIMITED service of a high standard, very professional, and reputable. In addition, SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL FIDEL MATOLA LIMITED has also provided us with threat assessments and project reports, which we have found to be accurate and helpful.


V.H. deals with SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL FIDEL MATOLA LIMITED for our clients and staff during the World Cup 2018. They provided us all with excellent service and tremendous support.

I confidently recommend SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL FIDEL MATOLA LIMITED as a solid and reliable Chauffeur and Protection service and are experts in their field.


Why would like to take this opportunity to thank SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL FIDEL MATOLA LIMITED for the close protection services they have been providing us over the past months.

With your close protection personnel nearby, my team and I have always felt safe and secure no matter the situation. Your pre-assessment of assignments and recommendations for the best type of protection to employ was also very much appreciated.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending your services and courteous and professional staff, and I will continue to use SPETSNAZ SECURITY INTERNATIONAL FIDEL MATOLA LIMITED for any further projects that require close protection services.

I. I, V. H

Thank you for contributing to the success of the close protection services provided to the players, umpires, V.I.P.s, sponsors, and the management of the United Cricket Board during the 2003 Cricket World Cup Tournament.

Your early contribution to the tournament's overall organizational plan and security strategy was vital to our mission's success. All of you ensured that we had suitably trained Close protection Officers and security chauffeurs to transport and protect the designated personnel throughout the tournament. You demonstrated your capabilities in South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

You helped us complete our mission, for which Dr. Ali Bacher personally thanked us. Once again, you did provide sterling service.


We want to thank you for the professional service you and your staff provided to our employees, particularly your after-hours transfer and protection service.

It is incredibly comforting to know that we are dealing with individuals who have had the most advanced security protection training and are always reliable and courteous.



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