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Bodyguard Services Beijing

Spetsnaz Security International Close Protection Services: Beijing Confidential Discreet Personal Protection Officers - Bodyguard

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Beijing V.I.P. Close Protection bodyguard services provide excellent bodyguard services carried out by disciplined personal Protection officers in Beijing and throughout the nation. When a person, family, or organization sees the need for executive protection services, it is because they have something worth protecting, and we will save it.

Whether customers ask us to keep guard over property or provide active tactical defense services for a person or persons, the client can rely on our agents to treat your property as they would their own and protect our clients as if they were family. That is what we do; protect people and physical assets.

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S.I.A. Close Protection Licensed Professional bodyguard services are a phone call away.

Beijing V.I.P. Close Protection bodyguard services have protected all types of people and assets for varying reasons. Our clients include celebrities, corporate executives, high net worth families, foreign travelers, concert promoters, and politicians. In addition, most of our security contracts involve particular event security, child-to-school escort services, house sitting, and property defense.

Our agents may be in plain clothes, suits, or black military gear. The attire of our agents is mainly contingent on the operational situation and the preference of our clients. We also provide anti-sniper sweeps and active-shooter defense services.

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Spetsnaz Security International can provide Close Protection in Beijing bodyguards to V.I.P.'s, executives, individuals, families, high net worth individuals, groups, or anyone who may be at risk in and around Beijing.

After carrying out a detailed security threat assessment, we produce a comprehensive and cost-effective strategy that ensures our client can carry out their everyday activities to know that they are safe and under the protection and observation of highly skilled Close Protection Operatives.

We can provide a team of highly dedicated Close Protection Operatives to keep you safe and secure at all times. Depending on your needs, it can be an apparent overt security presence, or we can provide a discreet and covert operation.

We tailor all of our services to suit the needs of our clients. Both male and female protection operatives are available. All of our Close Protection Operatives follow a strict regime that maintains the privacy and reputation of our clients.

All of our Close Protection Operatives are former Beijing Government vetted and S.I.A.

Close Protection is licensed and extensively trained to ensure we deploy only the highest detective standard.

We can provide male and female bodyguards, and we will endeavor to provide you with the most appropriate Close Protection officer who will be able to seamlessly melt into the background and provide you with discreet, unobtrusive, professional security.

You decide how you want your Protection carried out – It can be done in a high profile manner, making it evident that you have a bodyguard and security adviser or in a low profile style introducing your protector as a friend, personal assistant, or colleague.

Our Close Protection Operatives conduct themselves professionally according to the cultural, political, or religious environment. Our investigators maintain a high level of discipline, dress code, and etiquette while maintaining discretion, loyalty, confidentiality, honesty, and timekeeping.

Our Close Protection

We can provide a fully integrated Close Protection team consisting of:

Hire Bodyguards In Beijing

Armed Close Protection Services

At Beijing Bodyguard Services, we provide corporate, celebrity, Royal Family Protection, and private clients with a full range of discreet, personal, and professional Bodyguard Protection Services. Our Protection Team has extensive experience and maintains a network of affiliations with proven security affiliates that allow us to provide Proactive protective services in and around the Beijing area.

Beijing Bodyguard Services believes that providing Proactive personal Protection is an art, not a science, as no two Protection details are the same. Our approach to delivering outstanding property Protection sets us apart from other companies in the industry. At Beijing Bodyguards and V.I.P. Security, our services should encompass more than a presence. We understand that lifestyle, corporate culture, family, and other considerations make each principal's needs unique. Our staff we train them highly to be interactive and Proactive facilitators. Our Bodyguards professionally ensure that they address all aspects of the client's protection and security.

Beijing V.I.P. Security implements customized bodyguard planning and preparation to establish the optimal level of security for the individual for national or international travel and exceptional event security. Our Bodyguards are a unique mix from former and current off-duty Military, British retired Mi5 Track And Trace agents, American and Russian Special Forces, French Legion soldiers, Bulgarian special forces, law enforcement officers, and other military personnel trained and experienced in executive Protection. Our Bodyguards are considered some of the best in the world. Our Bodyguards have superior client relationship skills and provide discreet, professional service. As well we provide Secure Transportation Services which is often requested together with the Bodyguards.,

We guarantee our clients total discretion, confidentiality, integrity, and professionalism.

Beijing Close Protection Services

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Personal safety is always an essential part of any of our lives. Most people take safety for granted, presuming that no one would target them. However, others are aware that their safety is paramount due to employment or other factors. It is where the executive and personal Protection comes in. No matter how small or large the threat, Close Protection Services Beijing is ready to protect anyone who needs it anywhere.

Whether you are the owner of a fortune at 500 companies or simply transporting valuable materials from one place to another, you must always contemplate security. Criminals concerned with only the payoff may be ready to confront and rob at any moment. Entertainers and celebrities know all too well the dangers of fans that go over the edge. Personal safety can assure by proper executive Protection or personal security.

Close Protection Services Beijing is prepared to protect anyone who needs that extra layer of security. If you feel your safety is a bargain, a personal security guard may be the best way to stop something from happening before it is too late. We offer V.I.P. Close Protection Services, also known as executive Protection & Bodyguards.

Suppose you hire Close Protection, Executive Protection, or V.I.P. Protection Services in Beijing. Close Protection Services Beijing can customize V.I.P. Protection services, Close Protection, or personal security services if needed depending on the specific requirements of every V.I.P. client who may require Beijing Close Protection or escort services. Our company offers an array of V.I.P. Close Protection Services that are readily available, including secure transportation, track and trace services, surveillance and counter-surveillance, escort transportation, temporary personal Protection, V.I.P. Security, Celebrity Security, Private event security, home security, corporate security, executive transportation, personal safety, limousine transportation, bodyguard services, V.I.P. bodyguards and more.

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Close Protection Services Beijing officers are S.I.A. licensed and insured to provide immediate Protection. Close Protection Services Beijing offers V.I.P. Security, event security, and Bodyguards like you want from other security companies in the industry. Our dedication is to raise the bar with our professional V.I.P. security to all those individuals who may need to hire V.I.P. personal Protection services in Beijing.

Close Protection Services Beijing provides:

highly trained security and personal Protection services from a military background,

V.I.P. Protection,

armed security escorts, and

Close Protection bodyguards surpass other bodyguards or security companies in Beijing and International.

Close Protection Services Beijing from time and time again has provided professional bodyguard services in Beijing as well as immediate Protection service, V.I.P. Protection, private security, security guard services, and executive Protection in Other locations. We have professional security guards and bodyguards that effectively work with our companies security guards and with every customer personally, thus ensuring complete safety and peace of mind with our agency's customized security solutions, executive transportation, and protective service. In addition, our agency has well-experienced Bodyguards for 24-hour protection. So you can count on Close Protection Services Beijing when it comes to safety.


Spetsnaz Security International Limited is a proudly British company. It points to Companies House: 10524908. It is unfortunate, but the world we live in is dangerous. Every day, the news is full of accounts of violence both in Beijing and abroad. At any time, in any place, there is an ever-present danger that someone may want to do you harm. For the celebrity, pro-athlete, executive, diplomat, or otherwise affluent or influential person, this danger is compound by their status as an "individual of means.".

The Bodyguard Services of Beijing is not a security guard company. Instead, we are a full-service bodyguard and executive / personal Protection company specializing in the placement of highly trained bodyguards, executive / individual Protection agents, chauffeurs and drivers, and much more. Our services celebrities use royalty, public figures, dignitaries, diplomats, politicians, corporate executives, professionals, V.I.P.'s, athletes, families, children, or anyone requiring professional Protection.

We will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients remain safe and secure at all times in any situation.

At Spetsnaz Security International Limited, we believe that "Silence is Golden" and your business is your business alone. That is why we not only protect your person, but we safeguard your business as well. All of our Close Protection Bodyguards, Chauffeurs, and other Protection officers and staff are required to sign confidentiality agreements, ensuring that your personal life stays out of the public eye at all times.

Why would you settle for anything less than the absolute best when your life is on the line? Whether it is a local wedding or public event, a shopping trip to the mall, or a business trip, we have you covered.

We also provide professional services and the school where we train students from the government & army to be the best of the best. In addition, many of our security protect government officials and different members of the Royal Family.

Bodyguard Services Beijing

Beijing V.I.P. & Personal Bodyguard Protection Services

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Armed Close Protection Services

If you are a V.I.P., executive, celebrity, rapper, artist, politician, banker, or just looking for a personal Protection officer to hire, Spetsnaz Security International Limited Fidel Matola offers the expertise you can trust. Some of the world's rich and famous trust our bodyguards to keep them safe.

Furthermore, we are trained experts in private security, providing staff for the movie set security, private V.I.P. transportation, private security for executives and celebrities, and even personal concierge services, which require discreet operations by trained professionals.

How Can Spetsnaz Security International Limited Fidel Matola Help You?

The use of private security contractors and VIP bodyguards for personal security amongst executives and other V.I.P.'s is on the rise. While having a bodyguard may be a bit of a status symbol, it can be necessary to protect executives and V.I.P.'s from unexpected incidents and threatening behavior. In addition, there is peace of mind when knowing your well-being is the primary concern of highly-trained Close Protection Operatives.

There are many reasons why an executive or V.I.P. would choose personal security. Executives could be in charge of large companies worth millions or more, leaving them to be high-value targets for robbery, assault, and more. In addition, there could be threats made against executives and even bribery, extortion, and blackmail from a member of the public or disgruntled employees. When it comes to other V.I.P.'s, they do not necessarily need to be a famous Beijing star, but public figures who may have made a name for themselves in different ways. V.I.P.'s can also be prone to robbery or even kidnapping and ransom due to wealth or influence. While these things will not necessarily happen, it is always a good idea to stay on the safe side with the use of a Close Protection officer, especially when out in public.

The use of personal Protection with executives and V.I.P.'s is on the rise due to their many benefits, with the first one being obvious that they can help defend against physical harm. A Close Protection bodyguard should be proactive, well trained in defense, and handle a possible attack. Should an incident occur, the immediate Protection officer will know how to handle the situation effectively as they have extensive training on dealing with all sorts of problems.

They are also knowledgeable, skilled, experienced to know what to look and listen for in the immediate surroundings. Even the body language and behavior of others are details a Close Protection bodyguard is mindful of and able to read correctly with an accuracy of 93%-when you know what an actual situation is, you can make the best decision. A Personal Protection Officer (P.P.O.) will be able to assess an area to be aware of potential dangers before an incident occurs, even doing some research ahead of time to become aware of new places and what the safest routes to take are and avoid vulnerable points if the situation allows it. They may even be able to provide a driving service, acting as a chauffeur to bring you safely to your destination while staying aware of any possible dangers. They could also follow your car to ensure no one else follows you. In addition, a Close Protection Officer (C.P.O.) can go to a place ahead of time to check out the route, the area, all entrances, and stand and wait for the client to show up to escort them in.

An executive of V.I.P. Close Protection Bodyguard can also check for potential vulnerability in the home and transportation, even transportation routes, adding extra reinforcement or making changes where needed. In addition, they can give helpful advice on how to stay safe and what to do in the event of a dangerous situation. Finally, a bodyguard's presence can act as a deterrent against potential dangers. When a Personal Protection Officer (P.P.O.) understands, it may prevent people from trying anything against highly trained personal security. Of course, some people may prefer their bodyguards in plain clothing.

Because of these reasons, a Close Protection Bodyguard should be more than just personal security, but as a confidant who you should be able to speak to freely without worrying when the information will get. They will have the strictest confidentiality agreements and never indulge in any client's details. Bodyguards will know when it is necessary to involve the police, and their keen eye for detail will be able to provide them with essential information that you may not have even noticed.

As you can see, you do not need to be a celebrity to enjoy the benefits of having personal security. The police are a great resource, but they cannot patrol specific areas all the time. Even families in affluent areas are taking on bodyguards to patrol neighborhoods, especially after a crime, to ensure it does not happen again. A bodyguard studies your needs, and habits and assesses your vulnerabilities at home, while out, and at work. If you consider a bodyguard for hire, know that your safety is their job. You do not need to be stressed out when it comes to your and your family's security. It is a sad reality that our world is not as safe as it once was. Hiring a bodyguard will give an extra layer of Protection, being the different eyes and ears to the area around you and your family to give peace of mind when out and about.

Beijing bodyguard SERVICES

Beijing bodyguard Services

Beijing Security & Protection
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خبراء الحماية الشخصية

Beijing bodyguard Services

A bodyguard is a person or group of people paid to protect another person from danger or attack and to escort and protect an important or famous person. Bodyguards are highly trained professionals entrusted with the personal security of individuals. They often work for celebrities, corporate leaders, political figures, and people at a heightened risk of personal attack. When you hire Beijing bodyguard Protection from a personal Protection expert agency like Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd., we will arrange for one or more of our bodyguards to accompany you to public events, identify potential dangers, preemptively identify escape routes, and take action to keep you safe.

Bodyguards work alone and as part of security teams, but they always stay Close to their clients to observe the surroundings and prevent dangerous situations from escalating. For Beijing bodyguard services in Beijing, our professionals may carry firearms or tasers after undergoing specialized training and certification to operate them in case of an emergency safely.

Beijing bodyguard Executive Protection

One of the most common reasons locals contact Spetsnaz Security Beijing is Beijing bodyguard executive Protection. Today, many factors in the world raise security concerns in the private and business sectors.

High-profile business leaders are often vulnerable when visiting the city for important meetings or handling sensitive material. Executive Protection bodyguards are also helpful during hostile termination situations, labor disputes, special events, planned travel, and the transport of valuable assets.

  • Perform an initial sweep of meeting spaces
  • Drive executives to and from business locations
  • Check vehicles for I.E.D. devices and bombs
  • Keep a close watch for potential attackers.
  • Protect during periods of travel

Beijing BASED V.I.P. Close Protection BODYGUARD SERVICES

Another common reason many people seek a bodyguard's service is personal Protection. Beijing bodyguard Protection services are beneficial for people in potential danger of personal attacks. Personal Protection bodyguards help many different types of people being stalked or threatened.

It's also often imperative that personal Protection bodyguards be available 24/7, even on weekends, nights, and holidays. We take your security very seriously and can provide multiple bodyguards in rotating shifts to keep you safe at all times.

Personal Protection Beijing bodyguard service often entails the following responsibilities, for which Spetsnaz Security Beijing's team of professionals can handle seamlessly for you.

  • Design safe routes of travel and alternative backup routes
  • React quickly to emergencies to protect clients and innocent bystanders
  • Closely monitor children to prevent kidnapping.
  • Keep you safe without compromising your privacy.
  • Provide flexible styles of Protection

Celebrity bodyguard Services Beijing

It's no secret that Beijing City is packed with celebrities every day. Actors, musicians, political candidates, and world leaders often require specialized and discrete Protection. At Spetsnaz Security Beijing, we provide V.I.P. security for celebrities who need Protection from the paparazzi, the media, ex-lovers, obsessed fans, and much more.

These are some of the most common tasks that Spetsnaz Security Beijing celebrity bodyguards assist our clients with regularly.

  • Escort celebrities to meetings and dinners
  • Accompany stars to music video sets and awards ceremonies
  • Stay with stars during shopping excursions and personal visits.
  • Identify potential threats in performance spaces.
  • Block the paths of aggressive cameramen

What to Look for in a Bodyguard

The media often portrays bodyguards as bulky, intimidating figures; however, different bodyguards suit specific clients and situations. For example, Beijing bodyguard styles can be vastly different depending on whether you need executive, personal, celebrity, or V.I.P. Protection.

These are some of the most important characteristics to look for in a bodyguard service.

  • Physically fit for defense.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Familiarity with the area
  • Excellent planning and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to act quickly in emergencies
  • Discretion in sensitive environments
  • Ability to work long, demanding shifts
  • Loyalty and dedication
  • Previous relevant Beijing bodyguard experience

Spetsnaz Security Beijing, Ltd.’s Professional Beijing bodyguard Services in Beijing

Depending on the level of security you need, we can provide armed or unarmed bodyguards, drivers, and escorts to keep you and the people you care about safe. In addition, we specialize in protecting valuables and protecting people from personal threats in the Beijing City area.

You can rest assured that we will handle your security needs professionally and discretely because our Beijing bodyguard staff comprises retired Beijing City Police Department officers, other law enforcement officers, and trained military personnel highly experienced in personal Protection. In addition, Spetsnaz Security Beijing, Ltd. Security Agency, a leading private security company in Beijing, was founded by a retired Spetsnaz Detective and a retired Sergeant and has kept people safe in the city since 1986.

At Spetsnaz Security Beijing, Ltd., we understand that all Protection needs are different. So whether you are considering hiring a Beijing bodyguard for a single-day event or an ongoing long-term assignment, contact us to inquire about our personalized service for the Beijing area.


Top-Expert Emergency Private Investigations And Detective Services National And International

Security Guards National & International provided by Spetsnaz Security International Fidel Matola Service

Armed Close Protection Services

Our team now is over 800+ trustworthy Private Investigators s operating national and international Local & International. We provide affordable investigation services for all, covering domestic and commercial markets.

Why hire our trustworthy Private Investigators?

Our trustworthy Private Investigators aren't just for catching out cheating partners or catching out fraudsters. As responsible, dedicated, cheap Private Investigators, we can assist in many ways, whether at home or in the workplace.

  1. A client has met someone online – but are they who they say they are? You can carry out background checks and put your mind at rest before taking the relationship further.
  2. A client suspects their partner is cheating but can't prove it.
  3. A trustworthy Private Investigator will uncover the truth and put their mind at rest.
  4. A person has lent someone money – and they've disappeared. Our trustworthy Private Investigator can help track them down and serve legal notices if required.
  5. Someone needs expert surveillance to ensure they know the movements of a particular person. Perhaps they suspect their teenage children are involved with drugs or lying about whom they are meeting – the assistance of a specially trained a trustworthy Private Investigator can help keep them safe.
  6. A client needs to trace a long-lost relative or friend – Our trustworthy Private Investigator has the skills to track someone down.
  7. A company's employee is off work with a long-term illness but doubts they are genuinely ill.
  8. They suspect their office or Board Room has spy devices.
  9. A solicitor needs a process server to personally serve some legal documents on behalf of one of their clients or to gather evidence in a defense case.
  10. Could need a GPS tracker to track a vehicle in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world.
  11. A client needs to know if a person is a company director. Is this person disqualified from being a company director?

There are many other situations where a professional qualified, trustworthy Private Investigator can assist at home or work in various – could it be you?

For more information on our Distance Learning Private Investigation Courses, visit The Academy of Professional Investigation Services National And International.

How Much Our trustworthy Private Investigator Costs: Common Cases + What to Pay?

Ours, trustworthy Private Investigators, are specialized professionals trained and licensed to conduct surveillance, collect evidence, and use specialized databases to look into matters such as cheating, child custody cases, missing people, and pre-employment checks. In short, if you need to get to the bottom of something, Our trustworthy Private Investigator can help you. 

our trustworthy Private Investigator Cost Calculator

This post examines four different types of payment structures responsible, reliable, cheap Private Investigators use and how much it costs to hire a trustworthy, dedicated, cheap Private Investigator to investigate six popular case types

How Much Does a Private
Investigator Cost?

Across all cases, the cost of hiring Our trustworthy Private Investigator ranges vary per hour. However, our Private Detective And Investigation Services, as the largest national network of licensed our dedicated Private Investigators s, charges according to the case.

Retainers for most agencies range vary depending on the type of case. Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services' average case cost works out as 7 hours vary. With no retainer (we don't charge one). Surveillance cases will run higher, while research cases will run lower, depending on the circumstances.

How much our trustworthy Private Investigator costs depends on the work you want to do and the case's location. If you wish to hire a private detective to find records or property, follow someone, investigate infidelity, or find a lost relative

You'll need to know how investigators charge and the likely cost for your case.

Common Causes and Their Costs

We've handled many cases here at Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services. To help you understand how much you can expect to pay for our trustworthy Private Investigator's services in handling common cases, we've compiled some typical case costs based on our hourly rate (we charge hourly, with a small setup fee - we do not charge a retainer). We've also included some general notes on different cases and a rough guide to prices from other agencies to help you compare our methods to the rest of the industry.

Locating Someone

Typical case length: 4-8 hours

Typical cost: vary

Finding someone can include:

process serving

skip trace for a court matter

locating a runaway child

just seeing an old friend

A locate case can vary significantly in cost. Often 4-8 hours or more of work is not atypical for this case. However, it will fluctuate depending on how much information you have on the person you're searching for and other factors affecting the difficulty of the case.

Most investigators use the hourly rate payment structure to locate someone and charge you for expenses (like database fees). 

Learn more about this service >>

Surveillance, Infidelity, and Following People

Typical case length: 4-18 hours

Typical cost: vary

Each case is different. Surveillance cases can be unpredictable, but generally speaking, the more information about the person of interest's (P.O.I.'s) habits and personal life that the Investigator has, the faster they can investigate.

Most agencies will charge a retainer for cases like this that tend to range anywhere from vary with an hourly rate charged against that retainer. At Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services, we simply charge an hourly rate (discount for more prolonged cases). We have a whole post that breaks down what you can expect to be assigned to have someone follow.

Learn more about this service >>

Locating Birth Parents or Adopted Children

Typical case length: 2-10 hours

Typical cost: vary

The cost of a case of this nature depends on a couple of crucial factors, namely how long it has been since the last contact and the availability of critical records (like birth certificates. If the case is recent, a quick digital investigation can locate someone in a matter of an hour or so. On the other hand, if the person you're looking for was born some time ago and you have little information, the case can run a little longer.

Because these cases can be lengthy and often complex, most agencies will charge a retainer, usually vary, and then charge hourly against this sum.

Again, at Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services, we will charge our hourly rate, which gets a discount for more prolonged cases. To help get your case started, you can also look at our online investigative guide.

Learn more about this service >>

In-Depth Background Checks and Research

Typical case length: 4-8 hours

Typical cost: vary

The cost of a proper, in-depth background check from Our trustworthy Private Investigator depends primarily on what you're looking for and what you have to go on. If you're looking for things like phone records, court records, or other detailed information, these will affect the final price of the case. The more detail you are looking for and the less information you have to get started, the more likely your case will cost.

You may be wondering why this price is higher than the online search services you might have found on the web. A background check by Our trustworthy Private Investigator costs more because, rather than quickly combing over public records and outdated databases, you'll have an experienced human with information that an ordinary civilian can't access working on your case. Of course, there are better ways to perform a free background check, but if the background check is essential, you should use Our trustworthy Private Investigator. 

Learn more about this service >>

Getting Phone Records or Tracing Cell Phones

Typical case length: -

Typical cost: -

Cell phone records used to be available until 2006 for a nominal sum by licensed investigators - but the law changed, and now different methods are required. 

These days, investigators can use tools, guesswork, and human intelligence to determine what carrier a phone number is on and whom it is registered. They can also use other surveillance and investigation methods to investigate whom they might contact (the preferred method).

Learn more about this service >>

Tracking a Cell Phone

Typical case length: -

Typical cost: -

It's illegal for Our trustworthy Private Investigator to track someone's phone without the permission of the owner of the phone. However, if you need to track someone's phone, we have an article covering it.

Fortunately, there is usually a better way to get the information you need. So we typically suggest performing surveillance instead. Generally speaking, management isn't on the shaky legal ground like cell phone tracking, and pictures make much better evidence that can be used in court if taken correctly.

Learn more about this service >>

How to Hire Our trustworthy Private Investigator

Ready to hire Our trustworthy Private Investigator? Here are a few things you should know, whether you hire a responsible, dedicated, cheap Private Investigator through Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services or not.

  1. Check Their Reviews or Get a Recommendation. There are unscrupulous investigators out there - and even fake ones! (You can check Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services  reviews online(Spetsnaz Security International Limited).)
  2. Check their license. Some research cases do not require a licensed investigator - but if the issue is on location or requires experience and specialized database access, you should make sure they are licensed and will be operating throughout the case. Here's a handy guide on licensing information for each state. 
  3. Ask about confidentiality and security. Make sure that you are comfortable with procedures, including how they plan to communicate with you throughout the case, how they intend to send you their final report, and their skills with undercover work if they are insensitive, covert situations.
  4. Ask about their experience and training. Our trustworthy Private Investigators that operate illegally or unethically can get you in trouble or harm your case. Ask them about using GPS trackers, hacking into cell phones, and techniques like "pretexting." These three techniques are all legally restricted and prohibited in most circumstances. 
  5. Ask about insurance. Many cities have insurance requirements for licensed investigators. Insurance isn't necessary for every case, but if it is, you should ask about it and make sure that they have the required coverage.
  6. Discuss your expectations. A good, trustworthy Private Investigator will discuss your expectations before money changes hands. Sometimes, it is impossible to achieve all your goals, and you should be aware of what's possible before the case begins.

Typical our trustworthy Private Investigator charges

Our trustworthy Private Investigators will typically charge for their work using a combination of these four common pricing structures. For example, it's not uncommon to have a retainer combined with an hourly rate or to have expenses included in an hourly rate - be sure to confirm this with your Investigator before you begin your case.

Note: Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services charges vary per hour for our trustworthy Private Investigators' services, excluding expenses, with no retainer. This fee includes dedicated case support to help you get what you need and extensively vetted investigators.

Hourly Rates

Generally, hourly rates for our trustworthy Private Investigators range according to the case nationwide. Hourly rates change depending on your location, the investigator or agency you hire, the difficulty of the case, whether you'll have more than one investigator on the subject, and even the time of year.

Most investigators and agencies (including Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services ) will adjust their hourly rate based on factors like overall hours purchased, the price of gas, and expected risks to the Investigator's safety. Most agencies (like Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services ) reduce their price per hour if you hire them for many hours. It is vital since investigations involving tactics like surveillance can take a significant time.

Note: Most hourly rates usually don't include any extra fees that an investigator might incur but Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services will cover average expenses our trustworthy Private Investigator may charge for (outlined later in this post).

Flat Fees and Rates

For straightforwardly complete services, our trustworthy Private Investigator or agency may charge a flat fee. Flat fees are simply a fixed price for the service's completion. A flat-rate pricing structure should also cover any other expense to complete your case in the private investigation industry. The sorts of issues that often attract a flat fee include:


Retainers can vary depending on the case, the investigator's or agency's policy, and the work you need to complete.

Some investigators will charge against your retainer and refund anything that they don't use, while others will keep the total amount, whether or not they use all of it. If the services that our trustworthy Private Investigator agreed to provide for you exceed the cost of your retainer, or the Investigation incurs expenses exceeding the value of the retainer, you'll most likely have to pay for them.

At Trustworthy, Affordable, Reliable Private Detective And Investigation Services, we do not charge a retainer - just a one-time negotiable processing fee to get your case started and then charge you at an hourly rate after that.


If the investigator is charging a retainer, an hourly rate, or a mix of the two, you will most likely also have to cover any expenses incurred throughout their Investigation:

Get an itemized invoice at the end of your Investigation to ensure that you can account for all of the expenses your Investigator may have changed.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a good idea of what your case is likely to cost. If you're still not sure, that's OK - the cost of each case tends to determine on a sound, case-by-case basis. Individual circumstances, the information is given, and other specifics significantly impact the price of any investigation—the best thing to talk to a professional and see what they say. You can get a free case estimate right here, anytime. 

Local our trustworthy Private Investigators & Investigation Services

Local our trustworthy Private Investigators, the brilliant unit of Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd., have opened the gateways for the best support in getting the complete private investigations developed by the highly qualified and strenuously trained investigators. The latter takes the total pressures to relieve the clients by giving the best work through innovative personal investigation services in the entire region. Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd. offers the services of an expert to overcome real issues related to numerous threats multiplies in organizations through unknown ways.

Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd. is moving with the clear objective to deliver the services of effective, our trustworthy Private Investigators in Local to give the organization very best in finding the best solutions of all menacing activities for making all sectors have the smooth work to develop and grow. We work with the best protocols to give away the innovative solution of all needs.

Today, people all across Local including major cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kawasaki, Hiroshima, Sendai, Kitakyushu, Chiba, Sakai, Dhaka, Bejing, Mumbai, Cairo, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Delhi, Chongqing, Lagos, Chengdu, Karachi, Guangzhou, Istanbul, Moscow, Tianjin, New York City, Las Vegas, Washington, Beijing, and Kumamoto our processes are most trustworthy and reliable in assisting the client all the ways.

Our Private Investigation Services in Local as follows:-

Local our trustworthy Private Investigators: Restrictions for Investigations

investigations in Local conducted under the strict compliance of governing rules and laws of the country which prohibit us from driving:

Private Investigation – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering retaining the services of Our trustworthy Private Investigator, you may want to know some background information regarding these individuals. Here are a few frequently asked questions about trustworthy, reliable, cheap Private Investigators and their answers.

Who Is Our trustworthy Private Investigator?

A detective/our trustworthy Private Investigator investigates to uncover specific evidence. Dependable, reliable, cheap Private Investigators may undergo thorough training and obtain a license by a state licensing authority. Many retired police officers or military personnel pursue this profession.

What Types of Cases Do our trustworthy Private Investigators Handle?

Our trustworthy Private Investigators retain in all cases. They are commonly associated with family law cases, including child custody, divorce, adultery, and child support cases. They also include accident cases, including for the use of accident reconstruction and insurance investigations. Additionally, may hire them to help locate assets, provide forensic accounting services, or complete background checks. It is just a tiny sample of the cases they work on during a routine week.

Who Hires our trustworthy Private Investigators?

Anyone can hire Our trustworthy Private Investigator. However, law firms, businesses, insurance companies, and private citizens may retain the services of such professionals.

What Do our trustworthy Private Investigators Do?

Our trustworthy Private Investigators may offer various services to their clients. For example, law firms may hire a responsible, dedicated, cheap Private Investigator to gather information about parties or witnesses in civil or criminal cases. Insurance companies often retain their services to investigate suspicious claims. Private parties may hire our trustworthy Private Investigators s to find missing people, complete surveillance on spouses, or unearth hidden assets to enforce a judgment. Fieldwork consists of conducting interviews and completing surveillance work. Once finished, they may create detailed reports that describe their findings and testify in court.

What Types of Devices Do our trustworthy Private Investigators Use?

What Do our trustworthy Private Investigators Not Do?

How Do our trustworthy Private Investigators Get Pay?

In many cases, trustworthy, reliable, affordable Private Investigators s charge an hourly fee based on the complexity of the case, the location, and other factors. Some services may be available for a flat price, such as a background or record check. However, many trustworthy, reliable, affordable Private Investigators will ask for an upfront retainer before agreeing to take the case. You may also have to pay for out-of-pocket expenses that trustworthy, reliable, affordable Private Investigators expend to complete the service, such as mileage, airline charges, copying charges, long-distance telephone call charges, and photo printing charges.

Before you sign a retainer agreement with a specific, trustworthy, reliable, affordable Private Investigator, there are several steps that you should take to execute due diligence. First, you should request references for the responsible, dedicated, cheap Private Investigator, including past clients. If applicable, ask for the investigator's license number and check with the state licensing board.

How Do I Choose the Right trustworthy Private Investigator?

Hiring a trustworthy, reliable, affordable Private Investigator should not be made as a rash decision. Instead, research the loyal, dedicated, reasonable private investigator you are interested in hiring. Complete a brief phone interview with them and request an initial consultation. Many responsible, reliable, cheap Private Investigators do not charge for such a consultation. You may need to ask them several questions to learn about everything important to you. Be sure that you ask specifically about how they charge and which costs build into this estimate. Ask for an approximation of what the full service will cost you and whether an upfront retainer is required. Ask for a written retainer agreement before you pay the Investigator. Additionally, ask that the Investigator provide you with an itemized bill and services accounting.

If you are an International Customer, please dial: 0044-759-957-4524

or Email:


Executive Protection Services Customized to Your Unique Needs

Our company is licensed, insured and offers affordable rates to ensure you have the protection you deserve. Don't trust a sub-par service provider with your safety and well-being. Our security professionals have the experience, training, and ability to protect you at every turn, regardless of what or how serious the threat against you may be.

Spetsnaz Security International Limited has provided International Close Protection services to business owners worldwide for many years. We have trained Beijing Close Protection Officers available to conduct International Personal Protection Officer services across the country.

Beijing Security Chauffeurs provides law enforcement officers to chauffeur clients in their vehicle or ours. We specialize in transporting C-level executives, dignitaries & public figures full-time supply full-time law enforcement chauffeurs and backup chauffeurs if your primary chauffeur becomes ill. Beijing Security Chauffeurs has provided private drivers for Celebs during fashion week & film festivals, personal drivers for executives at trade shows, security drivers for dignitaries during United Nations week & private chauffeurs for C.E.O.'s at corporate events. In addition, event planners, concierge services, and destination management companies routinely contact us for designated drivers and family drivers for busy families and public figures. We also offer family drivers, male and female, to transport children to school and afterschool activities. Our chauffeurs are also ideal for people with special needs, such as the physically disabled, visually impaired, hearing impaired, and elderly. All of our law enforcement chauffeurs are fluent in English and speak a variety of languages including, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Chinese, Creole, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Korean, Mandarin, Marathi, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Wu, Yiddish, and American Sign Language. It makes it easier for our chauffeurs to communicate with our International clients from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Beijing, Tokyo, Japan, Paris, France, Hong Kong & Beijing, China, Toronto, Canada, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Delhi & Mumbai India. Additionally, Beijing Security Chauffeurs affiliated with some of the very best security companies in the tri-city area, & Beijing, who supplement our law enforcement chauffeurs, allowing us to provide our client with a suite of personal Protection, dignitary protection, and executive protection services.

Cities that we cover: Bodyguard Services in Tianjin, Bodyguard Services in Chengdu, Bodyguard Services in Guangzhou, Bodyguard Companies in Tianjin,�Bodyguard Companies in Chengdu, Bodyguard Companies in Guangzhou, close protection Bodyguard Services in Hong Kong 香港特别行政区 autonomous none 1997-07-01,Macau 澳门特别行政区 autonomous none 1999-12-20,Beijing 北京市 municipal none 1949-10-01,Chongqing 重庆市 municipal none 1997-03-14,Shanghai 上海市 municipal none 1949-10-01,Tianjin 天津市 municipal none 1967-01-02,Anqing 安庆市 Anhui direct administration 1979-11-04,Bengbu 蚌埠市 Anhui direct administration 1949-10-01,Bozhou 亳州市 Anhui direct administration 2000-05-21,Chaohu 巢湖市 Anhui Hefei 2011-07-14,Chizhou 池州市 Anhui direct administration 2000-06-25,Chuzhou 滁州市 Anhui direct administration 1992-12-20,Fuyang 阜阳市 Anhui direct administration 1996-01-01,Hefei 合肥市 Anhui direct administration 1949-10-01,Huaibei 淮北市 Anhui direct administration 1960-04-16,Huainan 淮南市 Anhui direct administration 1951-01-18,Huangshan 黄山市 Anhui direct administration 1987-11-27,Jieshou 界首市 Anhui Fuyang 1989-09-27,Lu'an 六安市 Anhui direct administration 1999-09-02,Ma'anshan 马鞍山市 Anhui direct administration 1956-10-12,Mingguang 明光市 Anhui Chuzhou 1994-05-31,Ningguo 宁国市 Anhui Xuancheng 1997-03-11,Qianshan 潜山市 Anhui Anqing 2018-07-02,Suzhou 宿州市 Anhui direct administration 1998-12-06,Tianchang 天长市 Anhui Chuzhou 1993-09-18,Tongcheng 桐城市 Anhui Anqing 1996-08-20,Tongling 铜陵市 Anhui direct administration 1971-12-11,Wuhu 芜湖市 Anhui direct administration 1972-12-30,Xuancheng 宣城市 Anhui direct administration 2000-06-25,Fu'an 福安市 Fujian Ningde 1989-11-13,Fuding 福鼎市 Fujian Ningde 1995-10-13,Fuqing 福清市 Fujian Fuzhou 1990-12-26,Fuzhou 福州市 Fujian direct administration 1949-10-01,Jian'ou 建瓯市 Fujian Nanping 1992-10-20,Jinjiang 晋江市 Fujian Quanzhou 1992-03-06,Longhai 龙海市 Fujian Zhangzhou 1993-05-12,Longyan 龙岩市 Fujian direct administration 1996-11-20,Nan'an 南安市 Fujian Quanzhou 1993-05-12,Nanping 南平市 Fujian direct administration 1994-09-05,Ningde 宁德市 Fujian direct administration 1999-11-14,Putian 莆田市 Fujian direct administration 1983-09-09,Quanzhou 泉州市 Fujian direct administration 1985-05-14,Sanming 三明市 Fujian direct administration 1983-04-28,Shaowu 邵武市 Fujian Nanping 1983-08-17,Shishi 石狮市 Fujian Quanzhou 1987-12-17,Wuyishan 武夷山市 Fujian Nanping 1989-08-21,Xiamen 厦门市 Fujian direct administration 1949-10-01,Yong'an 永安市 Fujian Sanming 1984-09-12,Zhangping 漳平市 Fujian Longyan 1990-08-15,Zhangzhou 漳州市 Fujian direct administration 1985-05-14,Baiyin 白银市 Gansu direct administration 1985-05-14,Dingxi 定西市 Gansu direct administration 2003-04-04,Dunhuang 敦煌市 Gansu Jiuquan 1987-08-21,Hezuo 合作市 Gansu Gannan 1996-05-28,Huating 华亭市 Gansu Pingliang 2018-07-02,Jiayuguan 嘉峪关市 Gansu direct administration 1971-09-10,Jinchang 金昌市 Gansu direct administration 1981-02-09,Jiuquan 酒泉市 Gansu direct administration 2002-06-18,Lanzhou 兰州市 Gansu direct administration 1949-10-01,Linxia 临夏市 Gansu Linxia 1983-08-31,Longnan 陇南市 Gansu direct administration 2004-01-11,Pingliang 平凉市 Gansu direct administration 2002-06-02,Qingyang 庆阳市 Gansu direct administration 2002-06-22,Tianshui 天水市 Gansu direct administration 1985-07-08,Wuwei 武威市 Gansu direct administration 2001-05-09,Yumen 玉门市 Gansu Jiuquan 1961-11-15,Zhangye 张掖市 Gansu direct administration 2002-03-01,Chaozhou 潮州市 Guangdong direct administration 1991-12-07,Dongguan 东莞市 Guangdong direct administration 1988-01-07,Enping 恩平市 Guangdong Jiangmen 1994-02-28,Foshan 佛山市 Guangdong direct administration 1975-11-22,Gaozhou 高州市 Guangdong Maoming 1993-06-08,Guangzhou 广州市 Guangdong direct administration 1954-06-19,Heshan 鹤山市 Guangdong Jiangmen 1993-11-08,Heyuan 河源市 Guangdong direct administration 1988-01-07,Huazhou 化州市 Guangdong Maoming 1994-07-04,Huizhou 惠州市 Guangdong direct administration 1988-01-07,Jiangmen 江门市 Guangdong direct administration 1975-11-22,Jieyang 揭阳市 Guangdong direct administration 1991-12-07,Kaiping 开平市 Guangdong Jiangmen 1993-01-05,Lechang 乐昌市 Guangdong Shaoguan 1994-04-28,Leizhou 雷州市 Guangdong Zhanjiang 1994-04-26,Lianjiang 廉江市 Guangdong Zhanjiang 1993-12-10,Lianzhou 连州市 Guangdong Qingyuan 1994-04-22,Lufeng 陆丰市 Guangdong Shanwei 1995-01-19,Luoding 罗定市 Guangdong Yunfu 1993-04-08,Maoming 茂名市 Guangdong direct administration 1975-11-22,Meizhou 梅州市 Guangdong direct administration 1988-01-07,Nanxiong 南雄市 Guangdong Shaoguan 1996-06-17,Puning 普宁市 Guangdong Jieyang 1993-04-06,Qingyuan 清远市 Guangdong direct administration 1988-01-07,Shantou 汕头市 Guangdong direct administration 1975-11-22,Shanwei 汕尾市 Guangdong direct administration 1988-01-07,Shaoguan 韶关市 Guangdong direct administration 1975-11-22,Shenzhen 深圳市 Guangdong direct administration 1979-03-05,Sihui 四会市 Guangdong Zhaoqing 1993-11-25,Taishan 台山市 Guangdong Jiangmen 1992-04-17,Wuchuan 吴川市 Guangdong Zhanjiang 1994-05-26,Xingning 兴宁市 Guangdong Meizhou 1994-06-06,Xinyi 信宜市 Guangdong Maoming 1995-09-11,Yangchun 阳春市 Guangdong Yangjiang 1994-05-05,Yangjiang 阳江市 Guangdong direct administration 1988-01-07,Yingde 英德市 Guangdong Qingyuan 1994-01-12,Yunfu 云浮市 Guangdong direct administration 1994-04-05,Zhanjiang 湛江市 Guangdong direct administration 1975-11-22,Zhaoqing 肇庆市 Guangdong direct administration 1988-01-07,Zhongshan 中山市 Guangdong direct administration 1988-01-07,Zhuhai 珠海市 Guangdong direct administration 1979-03-05,Baise 百色市 Guangxi direct administration 2002-06-02,Beihai 北海市 Guangxi direct administration 1983-10-08,Beiliu 北流市 Guangxi Yulin 1994-04-18,Cenxi 岑溪市 Guangxi Wuzhou 1995-09-11,Chongzuo 崇左市 Guangxi direct administration 2002-12-23,Dongxing 东兴市 Guangxi Fangchenggang 1996-04-29,Fangchenggang 防城港市 Guangxi direct administration 1993-05-23,Guigang 贵港市 Guangxi direct administration 1995-10-27,Guilin 桂林市 Guangxi direct administration 1961-11-25,Guiping 桂平市 Guangxi Guigang 1994-05-18,Hechi 河池市 Guangxi direct administration 2002-06-18,Heshan 合山市 Guangxi Laibin 1981-06-29,Hezhou 贺州市 Guangxi direct administration 2002-06-18,Jingxi 靖西市 Guangxi Baise 2015-08-01,Laibin 来宾市 Guangxi direct administration 2002-09-29,Lipu 荔浦市 Guangxi Guilin 2018-07-02,Liuzhou 柳州市 Guangxi direct administration 1961-11-25,Nanning 南宁市 Guangxi direct administration 1961-12-23,Pingxiang 凭祥市 Guangxi Chongzuo 1961-05-27,Qinzhou 钦州市 Guangxi direct administration 1994-06-28,Wuzhou 梧州市 Guangxi direct administration 1961-11-25,Yulin 玉林市 Guangxi direct administration 1997-04-22,Anshun 安顺市 Guizhou direct administration 2000-06-23,Bijie 毕节市 Guizhou direct administration 2011-10-22,Chishui 赤水市 Guizhou Zunyi 1990-09-30,Duyun 都匀市 Guizhou Qiannan 1966-03-09,Fuquan 福泉市 Guizhou Qiannan 1996-12-02,Guiyang 贵阳市 Guizhou direct administration 1949-10-01,Kaili 凯里市 Guizhou Qiandongnan 1983-08-19,Liupanshui 六盘水市 Guizhou direct administration 1978-12-18,Panzhou 盘州市 Guizhou Liupanshui 2017-04-09,Qingzhen 清镇市 Guizhou Guiyang 1992-11-06,Renhuai 仁怀市 Guizhou Zunyi 1995-11-30,Tongren 铜仁市 Guizhou direct administration 2011-10-22,Xingren 兴仁市 Guizhou Qianxinan 2018-07-02,Xingyi 兴义市 Guizhou Qianxinan 1987-11-06,Zunyi 遵义市 Guizhou direct administration 1997-06-10,Danzhou 儋州市 Hainan direct administration 2015-02-19,Dongfang 东方市 Hainan none 1997-03-12,Haikou 海口市 Hainan direct administration 1986-05-31,Qionghai 琼海市 Hainan none 1992-11-06,Sansha 三沙市 Hainan direct administration 2012-06-21,Sanya 三亚市 Hainan direct administration 1987-11-20,Wanning 万宁市 Hainan none 1996-08-05,Wenchang 文昌市 Hainan none 1995-11-07,Wuzhishan五指山市 Hainan none 1986-06-12,Anguo 安国市 Hebei Baoding 1991-05-06,Baoding 保定市 Hebei direct administration 1983-11-15,Bazhou 霸州市 Hebei Langfang 1990-01-04,Botou 泊头市 Hebei Cangzhou 1982-12-13,Cangzhou 沧州市 Hebei direct administration 1983-11-15,Chengde 承德市 Hebei direct administration 1983-11-15,Dingzhou 定州市 Hebei Baoding 1986-03-05,Gaobeidian 高碑店市 Hebei Baoding 1993-04-09,Handan 邯郸市 Hebei direct administration 1983-11-15,Hengshui 衡水市 Hebei direct administration 1996-05-31,Hejian 河间市 Hebei Cangzhou 1990-10-18,Huanghua 黄骅市 Hebei Cangzhou 1989-07-27,Jinzhou 晋州市 Hebei Shijiazhuang 1991-11-30,Langfang 廊坊市 Hebei direct administration 1988-09-13,Luanzhou 滦州市 Hebei Tangshan 2018-07-02,Nangong 南宫市 Hebei Xingtai 1986-03-05,Pingquan 平泉市 Hebei Chengde 2017-04-09,Qian'an 迁安市 Hebei Tangshan 1996-10-10,Qinhuangdao 秦皇岛市 Hebei direct administration 1983-03-03,Renqiu 任丘市 Hebei Cangzhou 1986-03-05,Sanhe 三河市 Hebei Langfang 1993-03-03,Shahe 沙河市 Hebei Xingtai 1987-02-20,Shenzhou 深州市 Hebei Hengshui 1994-07-04,Shijiazhuang 石家庄市 Hebei direct administration 1978-03-11,Tangshan 唐山市 Hebei direct administration 1978-03-11,Xinji 辛集市 Hebei Shijiazhuang 1986-03-05,Wu'an 武安市 Hebei Handan 1988-09-01,Xingtai 邢台市 Hebei direct administration 1983-11-15,Xinle 新乐市 Hebei Shijiazhuang 1992-10-08,Zhangjiakou 张家口市 Hebei direct administration 1983-11-15,Zhuozhou 涿州市 Hebei Baoding 1986-09-24,Zunhua 遵化市 Hebei Tangshan 1992-02-17,Anda 安达市 Heilongjiang Suihua 1984-11-17,Bei'an 北安市 Heilongjiang Heihe 1982-12-18,Daqing 大庆市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1965-12-28,Dongning 东宁市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 2015-12-15,Fujin 富锦市 Heilongjiang Jiamusi 1988-08-30,Fuyuan 抚远市 Heilongjiang Jiamusi 2016-01-13,Hailin 海林市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 1992-07-28,Hailun 海伦市 Heilongjiang Suihua 1989-12-23,Harbin 哈尔滨市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1954-06-19,Hegang 鹤岗市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1966-02-08,Heihe 黑河市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1993-02-08,Hulin 虎林市 Heilongjiang Jixi 1996-10-11,Jiamusi 佳木斯市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1983-10-08,Jixi 鸡西市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1966-02-08,Mishan 密山市 Heilongjiang Jixi 1988-11-17,Mohe 漠河市 Heilongjiang Daxing'anling 2018-02-22,Mudanjiang 牡丹江市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1983-10-08,Muling 穆棱市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 1995-03-07,Nehe 讷河市 Heilongjiang Qiqihar 1992-09-02,Ning'an 宁安市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 1993-02-12,Qiqihar 齐齐哈尔市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1964-01-15,Qitaihe 七台河市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1983-10-08,Shangzhi 尚志市 Heilongjiang Harbin 1988-09-14,Shuangyashan 双鸭山市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1966-02-08,Suifenhe 绥芬河市 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 1975-08-15,Suihua 绥化市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1999-12-28,Tieli 铁力市 Heilongjiang Yichun 1988-09-13,Tongjiang 同江市 Heilongjiang Jiamusi 1987-02-24,Wuchang 五常市 Heilongjiang Harbin 1993-06-01,Wudalianchi 五大连池市 Heilongjiang Heihe 1983-10-08,Yichun 伊春市 Heilongjiang direct administration 1979-12-14,Zhaodong 肇东市 Heilongjiang Suihua 1986-09-08,Anyang 安阳市 Henan direct administration 1982-03-10,Changge 长葛市 Henan Xuchang 1993-12-14,Dengfeng 登封市 Henan Zhengzhou 1994-05-30,Dengzhou 邓州市 Henan Nanyang 1988-11-17,Gongyi 巩义市 Henan Zhengzhou 1991-06-12,Hebi 鹤壁市 Henan direct administration 1974-01-19,Huixian 辉县市 Henan Xinxiang 1988-10-11,Jiaozuo 焦作市 Henan direct administration 1974-01-19,Jiyuan 济源市 Henan none 1988-06-25,Kaifeng 开封市 Henan direct administration 1961-12-25,Lingbao 灵宝市 Henan Sanmenxia 1993-05-12,Linzhou 林州市 Henan Anyang 1994-01-24,Luohe 漯河市 Henan direct administration 1986-01-18,Luoyang 洛阳市 Henan direct administration 1964-04-30,Mengzhou 孟州市 Henan Jiaozuo 1996-04-29,Nanyang 南阳市 Henan direct administration 1994-07-01,Pingdingshan 平顶山市 Henan direct administration 1969-03-15,Puyang 濮阳市 Henan direct administration 1983-09-01,Qinyang 沁阳市 Henan Jiaozuo 1989-09-27,Ruzhou 汝州市 Henan Pingdingshan 1988-06-25,Sanmenxia 三门峡市 Henan direct administration 1986-01-18,Shangqiu 商丘市 Henan direct administration 1997-06-10,Weihui 卫辉市 Henan Xinxiang 1988-10-08,Wugang 舞钢市 Henan Pingdingshan 1990-09-04,Xiangcheng 项城市 Henan Zhoukou 1993-12-16,Xingyang 荥阳市 Henan Zhengzhou 1994-04-05,Xinmi 新密市 Henan Zhengzhou 1994-04-05,Xinxiang 新乡市 Henan direct administration 1982-03-10,Xinyang 信阳市 Henan direct administration 1998-06-09,Xinzheng 新郑市 Henan Zhengzhou 1994-05-16,Xuchang 许昌市 Henan direct administration 1986-01-18,Yanshi 偃师市 Henan Luoyang 1993-12-15,Yima 义马市 Henan Sanmenxia 1981-04-04,Yongcheng 永城市 Henan Shangqiu 1996-10-11,Yuzhou 禹州市 Henan Xuchang 1988-06-25,Zhengzhou 郑州市 Henan direct administration 1949-10-01,Zhoukou 周口市 Henan direct administration 2000-06-08,Zhumadian 驻马店市 Henan direct administration 2000-06-08,Anlu 安陆市 Hubei Xiaogan 1987-09-04,Chibi 赤壁市 Hubei Xianning 1986-05-27,Dangyang 当阳市 Hubei Yichang 1988-10-22,Danjiangkou 丹江口市 Hubei Shiyan 1983-08-19,Daye 大冶市 Hubei Huangshi 1994-02-18,Enshi 恩施市 Hubei Enshi 1981-11-07,Ezhou 鄂州市 Hubei direct administration 1983-08-19,Guangshui 广水市 Hubei Suizhou 1988-10-11,Hanchuan 汉川市 Hubei Xiaogan 1997-03-12,Honghu 洪湖市 Hubei Jingzhou 1987-07-31,Huanggang 黄冈市 Hubei direct administration 1995-12-23,Huangshi 黄石市 Hubei direct administration 1950-08-30,Jingmen 荆门市 Hubei direct administration 1983-08-19,Jingshan 京山市 Hubei Jingmen 2018-02-22,Jingzhou 荆州市 Hubei direct administration 1994-09-29,Laohekou 老河口市 Hubei Xiangyang 1979-11-16,Lichuan 利川市 Hubei Enshi 1986-05-27,Macheng 麻城市 Hubei Huanggang 1986-05-27,Qianjiang 潜江市 Hubei none 1988-05-25,Shishou 石首市 Hubei Jingzhou 1986-05-27,Shiyan 十堰市 Hubei direct administration 1973-02-17,Suizhou 随州市 Hubei direct administration 2000-06-25,Songzi 松滋市 Hubei Jingzhou 1995-12-29,Tianmen 天门市 Hubei none 1987-08-03,Wuhan 武汉市 Hubei direct administration 1954-06-19,Wuxue 武穴市 Hubei Huanggang 1987-10-23,Xiangyang 襄阳市 Hubei direct administration 1979-06-21,Xianning 咸宁市 Hubei direct administration 1998-12-06,Xiantao 仙桃市 Hubei none 1986-05-27,Xiaogan 孝感市 Hubei direct administration 1993-04-10,Yichang 宜昌市 Hubei direct administration 1979-06-21,Yicheng 宜城市 Hubei Xiangyang 1994-06-10,Yidu 宜都市 Hubei Yichang 1987-11-30,Yingcheng 应城市 Hubei Xiaogan 1986-05-27,Zaoyang 枣阳市 Hubei Xiangyang 1988-01-08,Zhijiang 枝江市 Hubei Yichang 1996-07-30,Zhongxiang 钟祥市 Hubei Jingmen 1992-05-20,Changde 常德市 Hunan direct administration 1988-01-23,Changning 常宁市 Hunan Hengyang 1996-11-26,Changsha 长沙市 Hunan direct administration 1949-10-01,Chenzhou 郴州市 Hunan direct administration 1994-12-17,Hengyang 衡阳市 Hunan direct administration 1980-02-20,Hongjiang 洪江市 Hunan Huaihua 1979-09-01,Huaihua 怀化市 Hunan direct administration 1997-11-29,Jinshi 津市市 Hunan Changde 1979-12-19,Jishou 吉首市 Hunan Xiangxi 1982-08-03,Leiyang 耒阳市 Hunan Hengyang 1986-11-11,Lengshuijiang 冷水江市 Hunan Loudi 1983-07-13,Lianyuan 涟源市 Hunan Loudi 1987-06-10,Liling 醴陵市 Hunan Zhuzhou 1985-05-24,Linxiang 临湘市 Hunan Yueyang 1992-09-01,Liuyang 浏阳市 Hunan Changsha 1993-01-16,Loudi 娄底市 Hunan direct administration 1999-01-20,Miluo 汨罗市 Hunan Yueyang 1987-09-23,Ningxiang 宁乡市 Hunan Changsha 2017-04-09,Shaoshan 韶山市 Hunan Xiangtan 1990-12-26,Shaoyang 邵阳市 Hunan direct administration 1980-02-20,Wugang 武冈市 Hunan Shaoyang 1994-02-18,Xiangtan 湘潭市 Hunan direct administration 1980-02-20,Xiangxiang 湘乡市 Hunan Xiangtan 1986-09-12,Yiyang 益阳市 Hunan direct administration 1994-03-07,Yongzhou 永州市 Hunan direct administration 1995-11-21,Yuanjiang 沅江市 Hunan Yiyang 1988-10-11,Yueyang 岳阳市 Hunan direct administration 1983-02-08,Zhangjiajie 张家界市 Hunan direct administration 1988-05-18,Zhuzhou 株洲市 Hunan direct administration 1956-11-30,Zixing 资兴市 Hunan Chenzhou 1984-12-20,Arxan 阿尔山市 Inner Mongolia Hinggan 1996-06-10,Baotou 包头市 Inner Mongolia direct administration 1950-02-13,Bayannur 巴彦淖尔市 Inner Mongolia direct administration 2003-12-01,Chifeng 赤峰市 Inner Mongolia directadministration 1983-10-10,Erenhot 二连浩特市 Inner Mongolia Xilingol 1966-01-18,Ergun 额尔古纳市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1994-07-13,Fengzhen 丰镇市 Inner Mongolia Ulanqab 1990-11-15,Genhe 根河市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1994-04-28,Hohhot 呼和浩特市 Inner Mongolia direct administration 1950-01-18,Holingol 霍林郭勒市 Inner Mongolia Tongliao 1985-11-09,Hulunbuir 呼伦贝尔市 Inner Mongolia direct administration 2001-10-10,Manzhouli 满洲里市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1954-05-21,Ordos 鄂尔多斯市 Inner Mongolia direct administration 2001-02-26,Tongliao 通辽市 Inner Mongolia direct administration 1999-01-13,Ulanhot 乌兰浩特市 Inner Mongolia Hinggan 1980-07-26,Ulanqab 乌兰察布市 Inner Mongolia direct administration 2003-12-01,Wuhai 乌海市 Inner Mongolia direct administration 1975-08-30,Xilinhot 锡林浩特市 Inner Mongolia Xilingol 1983-10-10,Yakeshi 牙克石市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1983-10-10,Zhalantun 扎兰屯市 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir 1983-10-10,Changshu 常熟市 Jiangsu Suzhou 1983-01-18,Changzhou 常州市 Jiangsu direct administration 1962-06-25,Danyang 丹阳市 Jiangsu Zhenjiang 1987-12-15,Dongtai 东台市 Jiangsu Yancheng 1987-12-17,Gaoyou 高邮市 Jiangsu Yangzhou 1991-02-06,Hai'an 海安市 Jiangsu Nantong 2018-02-22,Haimen 海门市 Jiangsu Nantong 1994-04-26,Huai'an 淮安市 Jiangsu direct administration 1983-01-18,Jiangyin 江阴市 Jiangsu Wuxi 1987-04-23,Jingjiang 靖江市 Jiangsu Taizhou 1993-07-14,Jurong 句容市 Jiangsu Zhenjiang 1995-04-06,Liyang 溧阳市 Jiangsu Changzhou 1990-08-15,Lianyungang 连云港市 Jiangsu direct administration 1962-06-25,Kunshan 昆山市 Jiangsu Suzhou 1989-07-27,Nanjing 南京市 Jiangsu direct administration 1953-12-17,Nantong 南通市 Jiangsu direct administration 1962-06-25,Pizhou 邳州市 Jiangsu Xuzhou 1992-07-07,Qidong 启东市 Jiangsu Nantong 1989-11-13,Rugao 如皋市 Jiangsu Nantong 1991-02-06,Suqian 宿迁市 Jiangsu direct administration 1996-07-19,Suzhou 苏州市 Jiangsu direct administration 1962-06-25,Taicang 太仓市 Jiangsu Suzhou 1993-01-08,Taixing 泰兴市 Jiangsu Taizhou 1992-09-21,Taizhou 泰州市 Jiangsu direct administration 1996-07-19,Wuxi 无锡市 Jiangsu direct administration 1949-10-01,Xinghua 兴化市 Jiangsu Taizhou 1987-12-22,Xinyi 新沂市 Jiangsu Xuzhou 1990-02-05,Xuzhou 徐州市 Jiangsu direct administration 1962-06-25,Yancheng 盐城市 Jiangsu direct administration 1983-01-18,Yangzhong 扬中市 Jiangsu Zhenjiang 1994-05-18,Yangzhou 扬州市 Jiangsu direct administration 1983-01-18,Yixing 宜兴市 Jiangsu Wuxi 1988-01-09,Yizheng 仪征市 Jiangsu Yangzhou 1986-04-21,Zhangjiagang 张家港市 Jiangsu Suzhou 1986-09-16,Zhenjiang 镇江市 Jiangsu direct administration 1983-01-18,Dexing 德兴市 Jiangxi Shangrao 1990-12-26,Fengcheng 丰城市 Jiangxi Yichun 1988-10-04,Fuzhou 抚州市 Jiangxi direct administration 2000-06-23,Ganzhou 赣州市 Jiangxi direct administration 1998-12-24,Gao'an 高安市 Jiangxi Yichun 1993-12-08,Gongqingcheng 共青城市 Jiangxi Jiujiang 2010-09-10,Guixi 贵溪市 Jiangxi Yingtan 1996-05-28,Ji'an 吉安市 Jiangxi direct administration 2000-05-11,Jingdezhen 景德镇市 Jiangxi direct administration 1953-06-15,Jinggangshan 井冈山市 Jiangxi Ji'an 1984-12-13,Jiujiang 九江市 Jiangxi direct administration 1980-03-28,Leping 乐平市 Jiangxi Jingdezhen 1992-07-27,Lushan 庐山市 Jiangxi Jiujiang 2016-03-20,Nanchang 南昌市 Jiangxi direct administration 1949-10-01,Pingxiang 萍乡市 Jiangxi direct administration 1970-03-10,Ruichang 瑞昌市 Jiangxi Jiujiang 1989-12-20,Ruijin 瑞金市 Jiangxi Ganzhou 1994-05-18,Shangrao 上饶市 Jiangxi direct administration 2000-06-23,Xinyu 新余市 Jiangxi direct administration 1983-07-27,Yichun 宜春市 Jiangxi direct administration 2000-05-22,Yingtan 鹰潭市 Jiangxi direct administration 1983-07-27,Zhangshu 樟树市 Jiangxi Yichun 1988-10-13,Baicheng 白城市 Jilin direct administration 1993-06-14,Baishan 白山市 Jilin direct administration 1985-02-04,Changchun 长春市 Jilin direct administration 1954-06-19,Da'an 大安市 Jilin Baicheng 1988-08-30,Dehui 德惠市 Jilin Changchun 1994-07-06,Dunhua 敦化市 Jilin Yanbian 1985-02-28,Fuyu 扶余市 Jilin Songyuan 2013-01-24,Gongzhuling 公主岭市 Jilin Siping 1985-12-19,Helong 和龙市 Jilin Yanbian 1993-07-05,Huadian 桦甸市 Jilin Jilin 1988-05-25,Hunchun 珲春市 Jilin Yanbian 1988-05-25,Ji'an 集安市 Jilin Tonghua 1988-03-16,Jiaohe 蛟河市 Jilin Jilin 1989-08-15,Jilin 吉林市 Jilin direct administration 1949-10-01,Liaoyuan 辽源市 Jilin direct administration 1983-08-30,Linjiang 临江市 Jilin Baishan 1993-11-28,Longjing 龙井市 Jilin Yanbian 1988-05-25,Meihekou 梅河口市 Jilin Tonghua 1985-12-19,Panshi 磐石市 Jilin Jilin 1995-08-30,Shuangliao 双辽市 Jilin Siping 1996-04-29,Shulan 舒兰市 Jilin Jilin 1992-10-08,Siping 四平市 Jilin direct administration 1983-08-30,Songyuan 松原市 Jilin direct administration 1992-06-06,Taonan 洮南市 Jilin Baicheng 1987-05-21,Tonghua 通化市 Jilin direct administration 1985-02-04,Tumen 图们市 Jilin Yanbian 1965-03-27,Yanji 延吉市 Jilin Yanbian 1953-05-04,Yushu 榆树市 Jilin Changchun 1990-12-26,Anshan 鞍山市 Liaoning direct administration 1954-06-19,Benxi 本溪市 Liaoning direct administration 1954-06-19,Beipiao 北票市 Liaoning Chaoyang 1985-01-17,Beizhen 北镇市 Liaoning Jinzhou 1995-03-21,Chaoyang 朝阳市 Liaoning direct administration 1984-06-30,Dalian 大连市 Liaoning direct administration 1954-06-19,Dandong 丹东市 Liaoning direct administration 1949-10-01,Dashiqiao 大石桥市 Liaoning Yingkou 1992-11-03,Dengta 灯塔市 Liaoning Liaoyang 1996-08-27,Diaobingshan 调兵山市 Liaoning Tieling 1986-09-12,Donggang 东港市 Liaoning Dandong 1993-06-18,Fengcheng 凤城市 Liaoning Dandong 1994-03-08,Fushun 抚顺市 Liaoning direct administration 1954-06-19,Fuxin 阜新市 Liaoning direct administration 1949-10-01,Gaizhou 盖州市 Liaoning Yingkou 1992-11-03,Haicheng 海城市 Liaoning Anshan 1985-01-17,Huludao 葫芦岛市 Liaoning direct administration 1989-06-12,Jinzhou 锦州市 Liaoning direct administration 1949-10-01,Kaiyuan 开原市 Liaoning Tieling 1988-12-27,Liaoyang 辽阳市 Liaoning direct administration 1965-12-27,Linghai 凌海市 Liaoning Jinzhou 1993-11-16,Lingyuan 凌源市 Liaoning Chaoyang 1991-12-21,Panjin 盘锦市 Liaoning direct administration 1984-06-05,Shenyang 沈阳市 Liaoning direct administration 1954-06-19,Tieling 铁岭市 Liaoning direct administration 1984-06-30,Wafangdian 瓦房店市 Liaoning Dalian 1985-01-17,Xingcheng 兴城市 Liaoning Huludao 1986-09-12,Xinmin 新民市 Liaoning Shenyang 1993-06-14,Yingkou 营口市 Liaoning direct administration 1949-10-01,Zhuanghe 庄河市 Liaoning Dalian 1992-09-21,Guyuan 固原市 Ningxia direct administration 2001-07-07,Lingwu 灵武市 Ningxia Yinchuan 1996-04-29,Qingtongxia 青铜峡市 Ningxia Wuzhong 1984-12-17,Shizuishan 石嘴山市 Ningxia direct administration 1975-11-23,Wuzhong 吴忠市 Ningxia direct administration 1998-05-11,Yinchuan 银川市 Ningxia direct administration 1958-08-11,Zhongwei 中卫市 Ningxia direct administration 2003-12-31,Delingha 德令哈市 Qinghai Haixi 1988-04-19,Golmud 格尔木市 Qinghai Haixi 1980-06-14,Haidong 海东市 Qinghai direct administration 2013-02-08,Mangnai 茫崖市 Qinghai Haixi 2018-02-22,Xining 西宁市 Qinghai direct administration 1956-07-14,Yushu 玉树市 Qinghai Yushu 2013-07-04,Ankang 安康市 Shaanxi direct administration 2000-06-23,Baoji 宝鸡市 Shaanxi direct administration 1971-10-05,Binzhou 彬州市 Shaanxi Xianyang 2018-02-22,Hancheng 韩城市 Shaanxi Weinan 1983-09-09,Hanzhong 汉中市 Shaanxi direct administration 1996-02-21,Huayin 华阴市 Shaanxi Weinan 1990-12-27,Shangluo 商洛市 Shaanxi direct administration 2001-08-31,Shenmu 神木市 Shaanxi Yulin 2017-04-09,Tongchuan 铜川市 Shaanxi direct administration 1966-06-24,Weinan 渭南市 Shaanxi direct administration 1983-09-09,Xi'an 西安市 Shaanxi direct administration 1954-06-19,Xianyang 咸阳市 Shaanxi direct administration 1983-09-09,Xingping 兴平市 Shaanxi Xianyang 1993-06-18,Yan'an 延安市 Shaanxi direct administration 1996-11-05,Yulin 榆林市 Shaanxi direct administration 1999-12-05,Anqiu 安丘市 Shandong Weifang 1994-01-18,Binzhou 滨州市 Shandong direct administration 2000-06-10,Changyi 昌邑市 Shandong Weifang 1994-06-10,Dezhou 德州市 Shandong direct administration 1994-12-17,Dongying 东营市 Shandong direct administration 1982-11-10,Feicheng 肥城市 Shandong Tai'an 1992-08-01,Gaomi 高密市 Shandong Weifang 1994-05-18,Haiyang 海阳市 Shandong Yantai 1996-04-29,Heze 菏泽市 Shandong direct administration 2000-06-23,Jiaozhou胶州市 Shandong Qingdao 1987-02-12,Jinan 济南市 Shandong direct administration 1949-10-01,Jining 济宁市 Shandong direct administration 1983-08-30,Laixi 莱西市 Shandong Qingdao 1990-12-18,Laiyang 莱阳市 Shandong Yantai 1987-02-20,Laizhou 莱州市 Shandong Yantai 1988-02-24,Leling 乐陵市 Shandong Dezhou 1988-09-01,Liaocheng 聊城市 Shandong direct administration 1997-08-29,Linqing 临清市 Shandong Liaocheng 1983-08-30,Linyi 临沂市 Shandong direct administration 1994-12-17,Longkou 龙口市 Shandong Yantai 1986-09-23,Penglai 蓬莱市 Shandong Yantai 1991-11-30,Pingdu 平度市 Shandong Qingdao 1989-07-27,Qingdao 青岛市 Shandong direct administration 1949-10-01,Qingzhou 青州市 Shandong Weifang 1986-03-01,Qixia 栖霞市 Shandong Yantai 1995-11-30,Qufu 曲阜市 Shandong Jining 1986-06-02,Rizhao 日照市 Shandong direct administration 1989-06-12,Rongcheng 荣成市 Shandong Weihai 1988-11-01,Rushan 乳山市 Shandong Weihai 1993-07-17,Shouguang 寿光市 Shandong Weifang 1993-06-01,Tai'an 泰安市 Shandong direct administration 1985-03-27,Tengzhou 滕州市 Shandong Zaozhuang 1988-03-07,Weifang 潍坊市 Shandong direct administration 1983-08-30,Weihai 威海市 Shandong direct administration 1987-06-15,Xintai 新泰市 Shandong Tai'an 1983-08-30,Yantai 烟台市 Shandong direct administration 1983-08-30,Yucheng 禹城市 Shandong Dezhou 1993-09-09,Zaozhuang 枣庄市 Shandong direct administration 1961-09-12,Zhaoyuan 招远市 Shandong Yantai 1991-12-21,Zhucheng 诸城市 Shandong Weifang 1987-04-20,Zibo 淄博市 Shandong direct administration 1961-09-12,Zoucheng 邹城市 Shandong Jining 1992-10-04,Zouping 邹平市 Shandong Binzhou 2018-07-02,Changzhi 长治市 Shanxi direct administration 1975-07-09,Datong 大同市 Shanxi direct administration 1972-03-09,Fenyang 汾阳市 Shanxi Lüliang 1996-08-20,Gaoping 高平市 Shanxi Jincheng 1993-05-12,Gujiao 古交市 Shanxi Taiyuan 1988-02-24,Hejin 河津市 Shanxi Yuncheng 1994-01-12,Houma 侯马市 Shanxi Linfen 1971-06-05,Huairen 怀仁市 Shanxi Shuozhou 2018-02-22,Huozhou 霍州市 Shanxi Linfen 1989-12-23,Jiexiu 介休市 Shanxi Jinzhong 1992-02-10,Jincheng 晋城市 Shanxi direct administration 1985-04-30,Jinzhong 晋中市 Shanxi direct administration 1999-09-24,Linfen 临汾市 Shanxi direct administration 2000-06-23,Lüliang 吕梁市 Shanxi direct administration 2003-10-23,Shuozhou 朔州市 Shanxi direct administration 1988-03-24,Taiyuan 太原市 Shanxi direct administration 1949-10-01,Xiaoyi 孝义市 Shanxi Lüliang 1992-02-10,Xinzhou 忻州市 Shanxi direct administration 2000-06-14,Yangquan 阳泉市 Shanxi direct administration 1972-03-09,Yongji 永济市 Shanxi Yuncheng 1994-01-12,Yuncheng 运城市 Shanxi direct administration 2000-06-14,Yuanping 原平市 Shanxi Xinzhou 1993-06-17,Barkam 马尔康市 Sichuan Ngawa 2015-11-02,Bazhong 巴中市 Sichuan direct administration 2000-06-14,Chengdu 成都市 Sichuan direct administration 1949-10-01,Chongzhou 崇州市 Sichuan Chengdu 1994-06-20,Dazhou 达州市 Sichuan direct administration 1999-06-20,Deyang 德阳市 Sichuan direct administration 1983-08-18,Dujiangyan 都江堰市 Sichuan Chengdu 1988-03-03,Emeishan 峨眉山市 Sichuan Leshan 1988-09-01,Guang'an 广安市 Sichuan direct administration 1998-07-31,Guanghan 广汉市 Sichuan Deyang 1988-02-24,Guangyuan 广元市 Sichuan direct administration 1985-02-08,Huaying 华蓥市 Sichuan Guang'an 1985-02-04,Jiangyou 江油市 Sichuan Mianyang 1988-02-24,Jianyang 简阳市 Sichuan Chengdu 1994-04-05,Kangding 康定市 Sichuan Garzê 2015-02-17,Langzhong 阆中市 Sichuan Nanchong 1991-01-12,Leshan 乐山市 Sichuan direct administration 1985-02-11,Longchang 隆昌市 Sichuan Neijiang 2017-04-09,Luzhou 泸州市 Sichuan direct administration 1983-03-03,Mianzhu 绵竹市 Sichuan Deyang 1996-10-15,Meishan 眉山市 Sichuan direct administration 2000-06-10,Mianyang 绵阳市 Sichuan direct administration 1985-02-08,Nanchong 南充市 Sichuan direct administration 1993-07-02,Neijiang 内江市 Sichuan direct administration 1985-02-11,Panzhihua 攀枝花市 Sichuan direct administration 1965-04-22,Pengzhou 彭州市 Sichuan Chengdu 1993-12-01,Qionglai 邛崃市 Sichuan Chengdu 1994-06-19,Shifang 什邡市 Sichuan Deyang 1995-11-08,Suining 遂宁市 Sichuan direct administration 1985-02-08,Wanyuan 万源市 Sichuan Dazhou 1993-07-14,Xichang 西昌市 Sichuan Liangshan 1979-07-19,Ya'an 雅安市 Sichuan direct administration 2000-06-14,Yibin 宜宾市 Sichuan direct administration 1996-10-05,Zigong 自贡市 Sichuan direct administration 1949-10-01,Ziyang 资阳市 Sichuan direct administration 2000-06-14,Lhasa 拉萨市 Tibet direct administration 1960-01-07,Nagqu 那曲市 Tibet direct administration 2017-07-18,Nyingchi 林芝市 Tibet direct administration 2015-03-16,Qamdo 昌都市 Tibet direct administration 2014-10-29,Shannan 山南市 Tibet direct administration 2016-01-07,Xigazê 日喀则市 Tibet direct administration 2014-06-26,Aksu 阿克苏市 Xinjiang Aksu 1983-08-19,Alashankou 阿拉山口市 Xinjiang Bortala 2012-12-17,Altay 阿勒泰市 Xinjiang Altay 1984-11-17,Aral 阿拉尔市 Xinjiang none (XPCC) 2002-09-17,Artux 阿图什市 Xinjiang Kizilsu 1986-06-07,Beitun 北屯市 Xinjiang none (XPCC) 2011-12-27,Bole 博乐市 Xinjiang Bortala 1985-06-24,Changji 昌吉市 Xinjiang Changji 1983-07-21,Fukang 阜康市 Xinjiang Changji 1992-11-03,Hami 哈密市 Xinjiang direct administration 2016-01-07,Hotan 和田市 Xinjiang Hotan 1983-09-09,Karamay 克拉玛依市 Xinjiang direct administration 1982-02-16,Kashgar 喀什市 Xinjiang Kashgar 1952-05-22,Khorgas 霍尔果斯市 Xinjiang Ili 2014-06-26,Kokdala 可克达拉市 Xinjiang none (XPCC) 2015-03-16,Korla 库尔勒市 Xinjiang Bayingolin 1979-09-02,Kuytun 奎屯市 Xinjiang Ili 1975-08-29,Kunyu 昆玉市 Xinjiang none (XPCC) 2016-01-07,Shihezi 石河子市 Xinjiang none (XPCC) 1976-01-02,Shuanghe 双河市 Xinjiang none (XPCC) 2014-01-25,Tacheng 塔城市 Xinjiang Tacheng 1984-11-17,Tiemenguan 铁门关市 Xinjiang none (XPCC) 2012-12-17,Tumxuk 图木舒克市 Xinjiang none (XPCC) 2002-09-17,Turpan 吐鲁番市 Xinjiang direct administration 2015-03-16,Ürümqi 乌鲁木齐市 Xinjiang direct administration 1949-10-01,Wujiaqu 五家渠市 Xinjiang none (XPCC) 2002-09-17,Wusu 乌苏市 Xinjiang Tacheng 1996-07-10,Yining 伊宁市 Xinjiang Ili 1952-05-22,Anning 安宁市 Yunnan Kunming 1995-10-13,Baoshan 保山市 Yunnan direct administration 2000-12-30,Chuxiong 楚雄市 Yunnan Chuxiong 1983-09-09,Dali 大理市 Yunnan Dali 1983-09-09,Gejiu 个旧市 Yunnan Honghe 1958-09-16,Jinghong 景洪市 Yunnan Xishuangbanna 1993-12-22,Kaiyuan 开远市 Yunnan Honghe 1981-01-18,Kunming 昆明市 Yunnan direct administration 1949-10-01,Lincang 临沧市 Yunnan direct administration 2003-12-26,Lijiang 丽江市 Yunnan direct administration 2002-12-26,Lushui 泸水市 Yunnan Nujiang 2016-06-16,Mangshi 芒市 Yunnan Dehong 1996-10-28,Mengzi 蒙自市 Yunnan Honghe 2010-09-10,Mile 弥勒市 Yunnan Honghe 2013-01-24,Pu'er 普洱市 Yunnan direct administration 2003-10-30,Qujing 曲靖市 Yunnan direct administration 1997-05-06,Ruili 瑞丽市 Yunnan Dehong 1992-06-26,Shangri-La 香格里拉市 Yunnan Dêqên 2014-12-16,Shuifu 水富市 Yunnan Zhaotong 2018-07-02,Tengchong 腾冲市 Yunnan Baoshan 2015-08-01,Wenshan 文山市 Yunnan Wenshan 2010-12-02,Xuanwei 宣威市 Yunnan Qujing 1994-02-18,Yuxi 玉溪市 Yunnan direct administration 1997-12-13,Zhaotong 昭通市 Yunnan direct administration 2001-01-13,Cixi 慈溪市 Zhejiang Ningbo 1988-10-13,Dongyang 东阳市 Zhejiang Jinhua 1988-05-25,Haining 海宁市 Zhejiang Jiaxing 1986-11-22,Hangzhou 杭州市 Zhejiang direct administration 1949-10-01,Huzhou 湖州市 Zhejiang direct administration 1983-07-27,Jiande 建德市 Zhejiang Hangzhou 1992-04-01,Jiangshan 江山市 Zhejiang Quzhou 1987-11-27,Jiaxing 嘉兴市 Zhejiang direct administration 1983-07-27,Jinhua 金华市 Zhejiang direct administration 1985-05-15,Lanxi 兰溪市 Zhejiang Jinhua 1985-05-15,Linhai 临海市 Zhejiang Taizhou 1986-03-01,Lishui 丽水市 Zhejiang direct administration 2000-05-20,Longquan 龙泉市 Zhejiang Lishui 1990-12-26,Ningbo 宁波市 Zhejiang direct administration 1949-12-20,Pinghu 平湖市 Zhejiang Jiaxing 1991-06-15,Quzhou 衢州市 Zhejiang direct administration 1985-05-15,Ruian 瑞安市 Zhejiang Wenzhou 1987-04-15,Shaoxing 绍兴市 Zhejiang direct administration 1983-07-27,Shengzhou 嵊州市 Zhejiang Shaoxing 1995-08-30,Taizhou 台州市 Zhejiang direct administration 1994-08-22,Tongxiang 桐乡市 Zhejiang Jiaxing 1993-03-26,Wenling 温岭市 Zhejiang Taizhou 1994-02-18,Wenzhou 温州市 Zhejiang direct administration 1949-11-06,Yiwu 义乌市 Zhejiang Jinhua 1988-05-25,Yongkang永康市 Zhejiang Jinhua 1992-08-24,Yueqing 乐清市 Zhejiang Wenzhou 1993-09-18,Yuhuan 玉环市 Zhejiang Taizhou 2017-04-09,Yuyao 余姚市 Zhejiang Ningbo 1985-07-16,Zhoushan 舟山市 Zhejiang direct administration 1987-01-23,Zhuji 诸暨市 Zhejiang Shaoxing 1989-09-27,Renamed cities,Before Chinese After Chinese Renamed date,Weihaiwei 威海卫市 Weihai 威海市 1949-11-01,Xingshan 兴山市 Hegang 鹤岗市 1950-03-23,Xi'an 西安市 Liaoyuan 辽源市 1952-04-03,Nanzheng 南郑市 Hanzhong 汉中市 1953-10-24,Dihua 迪化市 Ürümqi 乌鲁木齐市 1953-11-20,Guisui 归绥市 Hohhot 呼和浩特市 1954-04-20,Xinhailian 新海连市 Lianyungang 连云港市 1961-09-02,Andong 安东市 Dandong 丹东市 1965-01-20,Suixi 濉溪市 Huaibei 淮北市 1971-03-30,Anda 安达市 Daqing 大庆市 1979-12-14,Sucheng 宿城市 Suzhou 宿州市 1980-02-29,Lüda 旅大市 Dalian 大连市 1981-02-09,Dukou 渡口市 Panzhihua 攀枝花市 1987-01-23,Meixian 梅县市 Meizhou 梅州市 1988-01-07,Daxian 达县市 Dazhou 达州市 1993-07-05,Hunjiang 浑江市 Baishan 白山市 1994-01-31,Dayong 大庸市 Zhangjiajie 张家界市 1994-04-04,Jinxi 锦西市 Huludao 葫芦岛市 1994-09-20,Jingsha 荆沙市 Jingzhou 荆州市 1996-11-20,Puqi 蒲圻市 Chibi 赤壁市 1998-06-11,Zhicheng 枝城市 Yidu 宜都市 1998-06-11,Huaiyin 淮阴市 Huai'an 淮安市 2000-12-21,Tongza 通什市 Wuzhishan 五指山市 2001-07-05,Tiefa 铁法市 Diaobingshan 调兵山市 2002-02-20,Beining 北宁市 Beizhen 北镇市 2006-02-08,Simao 思茅市 Pu'er 普洱市 2007-01-21,Luxi 潞西市 Mangshi 芒市 2007-12-30,Xiangfan 襄樊市 Xiangyang 襄阳市 2010-11-26

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